May 9, 2008

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Fan game tribute – Metroid: SR388

Disclamer: Viewing this may cause intense salivation – You have been forewarned

I’m sure a few of you have heard about AM2R. Sounds like a Metroid Fan’s dream come true right? Well keep reading, you’re in for quite a shocker.

Go ahead, pinch yourself.

After keeping the project a secret for quite some time Von Richter has decided to release this trailer to the public, and what a shocker.

The game features new graphics, with the exception of the nostalgic suit from Super Metroid, and a sleek frame speed of 60fps.

No word on how far along it is.

The people currently working on it are:

Von Richter
Infinity’s End
Moose Produce
Corey Annis
Hector Ayala

Is it just me, or are the current sound effects spot on? – the water and fire in particular. You can find out more about the game on Von Richter’s blog.

This looks like the fan game to be watching. Metroid fans may be in for a real treat between these two creations.

Update for Clarification after mention from Forum Goers:
This is NOT the same fan game as AM2R. “AM2R” is being made by DoctorM64.

But between these two fan games, AM2R is the more “True” to it’s form than Metroid: SR388 even posing the same restrictions that the original Metroid 2 had, but the SR388 seems to be offering a completely new level for a fan game, aiming more for that classic Super Metroid Charm.

The only non-original sprite, as seen in the video, is the Super Metroid Samus.

A little competition between the two could make these games even better, best of luck to both.

Update 6-28-08: We just received a response from Von Richter, who has said that the trailer is now outdated.

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