May 27, 2009

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Metroid Prime Enemy Dioramas by Toby Heinemann

Metroid Prime Enemy Dioramas by Toby Heinemann

We go back to Lego for this post. Creator Toby Heineman constructed dioramas of two of Metroid Prime’s variations of common enemies.

We contacted him and he was able to offer us some insight into their construction.

The build for the Reaper Vine was quite straightforward, as the creature itself is so simple. the harder part was designing a background that meshed with the Chozo Ruins aesthetic. I’m severely deprived of parts in tan, so I had to use some funky angles to get the right effect. The floor is probably the most telling part of the dio, as far as relating it to the Ruins goes. The varied floor levels and sizes in the rooms of the Ruins were the main inspiration for the unusual tile heights I used in the floor sections.

He also constructed the Metroid Prime variation of the Zoomer.

The Zoomer was such a pain. Designing an effective method for building a spiked, ovoid shell in LEGO is very, very difficult, I found. I spent more than three times as much time on the Zoomer’s build than on the diorama it sits atop, which itself was not terribly complex. After trying more than five different ideas, I eventually settled on one using minifigure arms and legs for the shell shape. Though this allowed for spikes to be positioned correctly across the shell, it was incredibly annoying to fit all those tiny parts together. However, seeing the end result is so very gratifying.


I’d love to do more of these enemy dioramas from Prime, as they’re incredibly fun and interesting builds. However, I’d like some input as to which enemies to do next– there are a hundred of foes in Prime, and I’d like to build the ones that others wish. Any suggestions are more than welcome!

You can see more of his work on his flickr channel and mocpage.

If you have any suggestions as to what enemy should be his next project then leave a comment or send him a message over flickr. We look forward to seeing more of his work.

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