Jan 24, 2009

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“Dread”ful thoughts & Prime given date in Japan

“Dread”ful thoughts & Prime given date in Japan

Screenshot of Original Metroid

I was surfing the web the other day and came across a particularly interesting blog post on Reset Glitch that expressed some of my own concerns regarding the Metroid series. According to an IGN podcast Dread once existed but was canned. I agree with Reset Glitch that the Metroid series needs another 2D game to help revitalize the series, especially for some of the older fans. A general shift in the amount of Casual games Nintendo has been producing as of late should show cause for concern on their part. When the steam dies down in regards to casual gamers purchasing these types of games how far will Nintendo go to get me to dust off their latest system? And what am I to do for a doorstop if and when that happens?

While I’m on the topic of revitalizing the Metroid series it seems that the Wii remake of Metroid Prime has received a Japanese release date of February 19th. No knowledge of a US release date yet.

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