May 1, 2008

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Good news from Nintendo

Good news from Nintendo

Fiscal Year 2008 ended in March 31st, but after a month of expectations, it was not until April 24th that Nintendo published the numbers.

At least we can say it was worth the wait, since we were greeted with amazing sales and revenues that have established, once again, a record in video gaming history.

Nintendo published a sale estimate of 1.67 trillion yen, which would be around 1.61 billion USD. This also sets an increase of 73% from last year’s sales.

The operating profits for Nintendo, which are the basic direct earnings of the company, rose high to 487 billion yen (4.65 billion USD), with an increase of 115.6% from last year.

But Nintendo is not planning to stay here. They are visioning rapid growth in Fiscal Year 2009, which would imply a rise in sales worldwide. To fit the public demand, it has been planned to increase the shipment of the Wii console globally to the official Nintendo retail stores, increasing the total amount of sold consoles from 24.45 million in FY08 to 25 million in FY09. It was also registered that in FY08, the company sold 18.61 million Wiis to retailers.

Yet those numbers only consider official Nintendo retail stores, which would imply a greater need for Wiis than the official numbers. Nintendo has taken that into consideration, as it always has every Fiscal Year.

Games will also have an impressive sales growth, from 119.6 million software units in FY08, to an expected 177 million games by the end of Fiscal Year 2009.

Now, to those who think that the Nintendo DS is starting to decay, and that the years are finally taking a toll on the sales, numbers prove you wrong. In the recently closed Fiscal Year, the company was able to sell 30.31 million DS systems worldwide, towering high above their competitors with a grand total of 70.6 million Nintendo DS units sold. And it’s not over yet, as forecasts calculate 28 million more systems sold globally. For DS games, Nintendo is considering the shipment of 187 million software units by the end of FY09, March 31st, 2009, staying above the previous sales in FY08, which were rather close to the new expectations: 185.62 million.

Nintendo DS Lite

Each console and each gaming company has its different approach to the gaming masses. Their plans and expectations are different, as well as their limitations. But this difference between the points of view from one company to another is what determines their success. Going elitist and exclusive might work, but usually those who appeal to the great masses, even to non-gamers, and have new, revolutionary systems, friendly controls and fresh content are the ones to rise higher.

Competition is tough, and a “Console War” is an idea that only passes through the minds of those who aren’t able to apprehend the goddness of each console. Every console is good in some aspect, and lacks in another. But speaking clearly, if we consider how well Nintendo has achieved its goals, and comparing the amount of sales from company to company, we can just say that up to now, Nintendo has done an excellent job, and that there is much more to come.

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