Jul 29, 2008

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The Speed Gamers – Gaming for Charity

I thought I’d take a moment from working on the “surprise” to make a short post about a group of gamers who’ve been raising money for charities with Gaming marathons. There have been quite a few of them popping up recently, with various charitable organizations benefiting.

On August 15th at 7pm est (6pm cst). The Speed Gamers will be raise money for St. Jude with a 72 hour Metroid Marathon. They’ll be going through all of the Metroid games (with the exception of Pinball) without sequence breaking, going “as their natural routes were intended.” while streaming a feed live off of their website.

Their last two marathons raised a total of $2445. This time they will be raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. You’ll find more information on their website, about the event and the guidelines they set for the marathon. On behalf of Metroid Quarantine: Best of luck to you guys.

A short update on blackbird: It’s coming together nicely now. Only 2 More Days!

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