Jun 1, 2008

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Rumors of a Metroid movie resurface

Rumors of a Metroid movie resurface

Excuse my poor photoshop skills, it's supposed to be Bay with a Samus helmet.

Is it just me, or is this a good year to be a Metroid fan or what? We’ve got fan games coming out of the wazoo and now Metroid is rumored to be heading to the silver screen, this time with Michael Bay at the helm.

You may have heard of Bay recently, he’s directed a startling high number of blockbusters in his career. Notable mentions include: Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, The Rock, The Island, Bad Boys II, and more recently Transformers. In 2007 Michael Bay directed a total of five movies, and at current only has three lined up for this year and one for next, so it’s feasible that there could be some credibility to this claim.

He’s rumored to be talking with Nintendo about either Producing or directing a Metroid based film.

Nintendo Fan Allaince has pointed out a startling trend in movies recently.

“Each decade film tends to focus around themes like musicals in the 1940s and chick flicks in the 1970s. The new millenium (2000-2009) has been centered around super heros and comics, for example, Spiderman, Ironman, X-men, Superman, and Ghost Rider. […] As 2009 approaches and we head into a new decade one can only wonder where film will take us next.”

He’s rumored to be talking with Nintendo about either Producing or directing a Metroid based film. It’s all speculation at this current point, as have similar rumors of a Metroid movie so for now take it with a grain of salt, but talk hasn’t died down recently and the series could have a considerable target audience of gamers and techies to tailor to. This comes off of the back of rumors Bay would be directing a Prince of Persia Movie.

One thing is for sure, we haven’t heard the last of Miss Samus Aran, in one form or another, she’ll be looking to make new impressions in the ever expanding video game, and not so video game market.

  1. Thanks for the relief. I will hand in mine tomorrow.

    Oh, and this is great, excellent article Cannon. Quite… unexpected…

  2. Edward18 says:

    Why Michael Bay?! If he does it it’ll be just all explosions and romance with the main characters being basically complete morons, that’s all it ever is with him!

  3. Ethan S says:

    Not sure about the movie. I am a big fan of metroid and have played all of them. I don’t that they can capture the element of the game and put it in the movie. I mean just look at how the residnt evil movies came out,not too good if you ask me.
    But I’ll try and keep my hopes up about though.

  4. koelker12 says:

    NOOO!!!! please if anyone does it NOT MICHAEL BAY!!!!!!! he’s good at action and making things explode…but not metroid. I’m not against a movie but it needs to be someone who can pull a story for samus!

  5. well the movie sounds nice but we need somone who can actually replicate the mood and felling of he games. i beat the original metroid game when i was three and continued to beat the sequels so the movie needs to be excellent.

  6. a movie seems nice but unlikely for now.

  7. micheal bay could kiss my ass

  8. @Imran now now, play nice 🙂

    I think we can almost chock back this rumor as false. There has been no confirmation since the rumor started over a year ago. So I think it’s safe to say it was nothing but a rumor.

  9. If they do end up making a movie it should be mainly based on the comic, not the game.

  10. Could be worse, could be Paul Anderson or Uwe Boll….

  11. I agree with BlueSlime. I would chose Bay anyday if I could chose between him and Uwe “I Suck So Hard” Boll.

    I will see how the WoW movie will be. If it sucks balls I hope Metroid will not make it to the screen. If the WoW movie is awesome I will have some hope (mention just 1 single videogame movie that was good!!!)

  12. Anonymous says:

    A Metroid does sound interesting, but I want it to be directed by a good director. The one I recommend the most is Ridley Scott since the series drew so much inspiration from his Alien film. And most of all, I don’t want Uwe Boll to direct it, I can’t stand him.

  13. Matt Coulcher says:

    Look I dont know why there is so many arguments over this topic.
    I too am a huge Metroid fan and I would kill to see a movie made, but look at it this way we have been down this road before. and it has never happened, I will be willing to be proven wrong here but a metroid movie will never be made ( I hope some one proves me wrong). There is too big of a chance of disappointment so don’t get your hopes up.