May 13, 2008

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New WiiWare

New WiiWare

The Wii’s latest addition to its quite limited WiiWare library fits perfectly to the needs and expectations of the average gamer, offering several features that make game trials and demos easier to obtain, as well as know more about what’s new in Nintendo lately.

The main page is a list of the latest videos that Nintendo has uploaded, which will most probably refer to the latest games released. The videos stack in a descending order, depending on their creation date.

Now for the quality. The new channel’s video quality is something which was expected from the Wii console, and that most gamers have already taken for granted: average resolution and definition. Videos have low buffering speed, but the this varies depending on the internet connection, as always. The videos and images can go full-screen without suffering pixel fragmentation of any kind, and the general stats shown in the Titles screen complement the videos perfectly.

Of course, this new WiiWare, as most of Nintendo’s products, isn’t based in video quality but in the usefulness and/or fun in the software, and this is where Nintendo Channel makes its debut.

Not only does it give a list of the most recent game trailers, mini-documentaries, and upcoming game’s gameplays, but it also permits a connection between the Wii and the DS systems so to download the demo versions of several available games, which will help the gamers make up their minds when choosing the next buy.

Nintendo’s interest in gamers needs feedback as well, hence Nintendo Channel has a system of tracking which registers the games one plays and lets Nintendo know which games are the most appealing to the gamers. This will also filter the main page videos, leaving only those which fit the best the individual tastes.

The Nintendo Channel is completely free and is available in the WiiWare section of the Wii Shop Channel.

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