May 6, 2008

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Nintendo spokesperson denies rumors of a Prime trilogy for the Wii

Following a recent rumor from GoNintendo regarding an invoice appearing on a retailer’s computer system for a Metroid Prime Trilogy on Wii; speculation about a Prime pack with Metroid Prime 1 and 2 revamped with Wii controls crept its way through the Metroid community.

In an interview with Computer & Videogames a Nintendo spokesperson dismissed it as “Purely rumour and speculation.”

While this may not put a nail in the coffin on this concept, for now the idea is dead.
Could this be linked to the recent leave of three Retro staff members?

  1. @U-Mos, this was an old interview. The prime trilogy is in the works and is already released in japan.

    Well Prime trilogy in the sense that 1 & 2 have new controls.

  2. oh,thank god,yes

  3. probably not best place to say so,but this morning was the announcement of "metroid:other m",if im not believed,look it up,and if still unbelieving,go to,an that trilogy is coming,im gonaa have a mini metroid marathon!!!