Jun 13, 2008

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Nintendo to sue Nyko for Wireless Nunchuk

Nintendo to sue Nyko for Wireless Nunchuk

The Kama Wireless Nunchuk, developed by Nyko as a third party controller for the Nintendo Wii, has met direct confrontation by Nintendo itself through a demand which supposedly exposes the Kama’s blatant similarities to the official Nintendo Nunchuk. Quoting the Nintendo spokesperson:

[The Kama copies the Nunchuk in] novel shape, design, overall appearance and even the color and materials used in the Nintendo Nunchuk controller.

Nyko, the third party giant of gaming and electronics, might confront Nintendo’s accusations, but might as well not. Nyko’s spokesperson C.C. Swiney has stated that the Kama does not copy the Nunchuk and that they have not violated Nintendo’s patents on the official controller, but he was clear in assuring that they were “still examining this,” denoting a sense of subtle insecurity.

The Wiimote and Kama shown together.

This peculiar reaction from Nintendo, which certainly breaks the mold and surprises many, is to be monitored closely. Is Nintendo really suing Nyko for the similarities between the two controllers, or is it that the Big N itself was in development of a wireless Nunchuk, and couldn’t stand others to get ahead of them?

Many assumptions can be made from this sue, but no conclusions have yet been officially stated. Up to now, information regarding this subject has remained highly restrained and classified. We shall see what will happen to the Kama in the future, but for now, it all points at it becoming a singular and rare classic for the Wii, since its disappearance is quite likely to occur.


  1. Sour Zelda says:

    That was pretty interesting to hear. I didn’t even know there were any wireless controllers though lol. Anyway good article Ikus.

  2. Is Nintendo serious about this? Really, how do you make a controller for a Nintendo console and NOT imitate the design? The N64 controller looks pretty unique, how do you go about making a controller for that without having the same design? And the Gamecube controller? Who cares what color it is, it’s not like Nintendo patented the color white, and saying it uses the same materials is pretty ridiculous, too. What, was it like "HAY THERZ PLASTIK IN THET THER CUNTOLAR, THAYR COPEEING US!!!" or are they complaining about the ingredients used to make the plastic? In that case, pick out a few thousand people who can feel the ratio of the ingredients of plastic just by holding it in their hand and get back to me, because nobody cares about that.

  3. Ok, but Nyko should have asked permission first.