Oct 28, 2008

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Metroid Quarantine Community Restructure

Metroid Quarantine Community Restructure

With the completion of our sister site, Magatroid, settling down we now have an outlet for theoretical discussion of the series. As such we are now loosening the focus of Metroid Quarantine from Metroid News to encompass all metroid related material. We have also opted for a smoother gradient design that gives the website a softer feel.

This ranges from highlighting Metroid based projects such as fangames to showcasing Metroid fanwork. On top of this is a recent resurgence in the amount of Metroid based news to report on, as such we are opening up to the possibility of turning MQ into a Metroid Based Blog, including the opportunity for readers to make their own posts about the franchise. Don’t worry, the old Metroid Quarantine won’t be going away either, we’ll continue to report on Metroid news as well as maintain the quality of our posts, as such guests posts will face a small screening process to ensure the preservation of quality standards and copyright laws.

If you would like your Metroid based art, writing, fangame, or website to be featured then send us a line and we will personally look over it.

On top of this community influenced shift I’m proud to announce another Metroid based project that we will be unvieling in early November.

  1. I forecast something big. I don’t know what it is, but it’s coming.