Feb 5, 2009

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Metroid Prime Wii remake trailer showcases controls

Another update on the Metroid Prime “remake” for the Wii. A Japanese trailer has been released which showcases the controls involved while playing the game.

Is it just me or did they just add the spring ball into Metroid Prime. It remains to be seen if the wii update will put a shutout on some of the traditional sequence breaking contained in Prime and Echoes.

This video is a bit more detailed and for the most part things still look the same as they did in the original Gamecube version. The US still has not been given a release date for the wii ports, and there has been no mention of bundling of the games themselves. We’ll see soon enough, for now we’ll have to stay content with these videos and delusions of revisiting Tallon IV and Aether in a whole new way.

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