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  6. Minor update, I've upgraded the forums to the latest version. You'll notice a message will appear asking if you want to enable notifications. If you select yes, the site will let you know if someone sends you a message, mentions you, etc... as long as you have the tab open even if you haven't reloaded the page. Profiles have been reworked rather significantly so give them a look. Lastly, as you may no doubt be aware considering you are reading this, I have acquired a theme. Modifications may be coming to make it a tad more "metroidy" as time marches on.
  7. Prime 4

    I'm doing pretty good man, graduated and moved up to Virginia and working at an Engineering firm. What have you been up to? I feel you on the whole dropping $300 just for one game. Hopefully the switch comes down a bit by the time it releases, but that could be a pipe dream since it really only just came out. I have heard good things about breath of the wild so that would be another one to get since I never got an ambulance wii u.
  8. Prime 4

    Hahaha, yeah. I'm doing pretty good, how're ya? Problem is I don't want to spend 300+ on a Switch to play 1 game...
  9. Pinch me, cause I must be dreaming.

  10. Prime 4

    Hey man what's up long time no see. I got home from work and saw the news. I even added a post to the main page lol. All these years of nothing and then BAM! Two in one E3 just like back when Prime and Fusion were announced. Pretty excited man, fan-"fucking"-tastic lol.
  11. Pinch Me. No really, go ahead and pinch me, because I must be dreaming. Nintendo released some amazing news today at this years E3 conference that Metroid fans have been clamoring for for years now. Metroid: Samus Returns, a 2.5D re-imagination of Metroid II: Return of Samus was announced for the Nintenod 3DS with a release date of September 15, 2017. In addition to the E3 trailer, Nintendo also revealed 33 minutes of gameplay footage during the Nintendo Treehouse presentation, including input from Yoshio Sakamoto. To top things off Nintendo also released a teaser video of Metroid Prime 4 under development for the Switch. Aside from the announcement for the Nintenod Switch very little additional information is currently available on Metroid Prime 4. It is currently unknown when the game will release or who the developer is at the moment. It will be 10 years this August since the release of Metroid Prime 3. View the full article
  12. Prime 4

    Been a long time boys...
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