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  1. Yo dude what's up? Long time no see, what you been up to? I like to keep this place around to tinker around with every now and then. If you have discord you should join the channel linked on the main forum page. No one in it right now tho but me. >_>
  2. New Pips from 1 to 10 (Miniroid to Bounty Hunter)
  3. Minor update, I've upgraded the forums to the latest version. You'll notice a message will appear asking if you want to enable notifications. If you select yes, the site will let you know if someone sends you a message, mentions you, etc... as long as you have the tab open even if you haven't reloaded the page. Profiles have been reworked rather significantly so give them a look. Lastly, as you may no doubt be aware considering you are reading this, I have acquired a theme. Modifications may be coming to make it a tad more "metroidy" as time marches on.
  4. Chris

    Prime 4

    I'm doing pretty good man, graduated and moved up to Virginia and working at an Engineering firm. What have you been up to? I feel you on the whole dropping $300 just for one game. Hopefully the switch comes down a bit by the time it releases, but that could be a pipe dream since it really only just came out. I have heard good things about breath of the wild so that would be another one to get since I never got an ambulance wii u.
  5. Pinch me, cause I must be dreaming.

  6. Chris

    Prime 4

    Hey man what's up long time no see. I got home from work and saw the news. I even added a post to the main page lol. All these years of nothing and then BAM! Two in one E3 just like back when Prime and Fusion were announced. Pretty excited man, fan-"fucking"-tastic lol.
  7. Chris

    General Discussion

    Yea this place was such a large part of my life during school. Thanks to my job the cost to keep it up and running every year is relatively trivial. Every now and then I get the urge to tinker around with some of this stuff and go through and update a lot of the applications and pages. I spent a lot of time learning things to get this place up and running and seriously considered making a career out of computer programming because of it. By the way, I upgraded your member class. I actually had you and five others in a special permission group to give you access to one of the project forums without editing the main group. You should be able to see the Elite Member forum now. Not really a whole lot in there other than the group therapy topic though. oh yea, anyone who comes along should check this out:
  8. Hey guys what's up? I was curious if anyone still happens by here every now and then. Figured I'd make a topic for random discussion.
  9. Chris

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! from march >_>
  10. So... I finally got around to giving this game a try and I loved it. I think one of the main things I liked about it though was the fact that Zelda wasn't a jackass. I seriously doubted that wii motion plus would be such an improvement, but I have to say I'm glad I was wrong. Being able to swing the sword exactly where I wanted to was freaking sweet. I also played this one a good deal more carefully than most zelda games because of how fragile the shield was. Most of the fights took a long time because this game made me very defensive since I couldn't rely on my shield nearly as much. If anyone has been having reservations about this game you should at least rent it and give it a try. I'd pretty much all but given up on the wii. Of course I doubt that it will make me change my mind about the train wreck that is to be the Wii U. >_>
  11. Got the forums upgraded!

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