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  1. DieMadchenlesen Hehe...
  2. Hejuststuckthewordstogetherlikethiscuzhewantedtomakeithardtounderstand=/
  3. Nintendo's E3 2011

    WiiU WiiU WiiU WiiU... Now what does that sound like? They name the wii after a dude's ding dong, and now its successor is the sound emergency vehicles make. There is a crisis and it's in Nintendo's naming conventions.
  4. Current Project

    I'm playing angry birds... What has happened to me?
  5. The Slender Man

    I've heard hushed whispers of this from people who have gotten really into it. I was encouraged to just stay away if I enjoy sleeping peacefully. Of course something like that only make me more interested it. It'll probably get the better of me and I'll end up checking it out. >_>
  6. What's up man. It has been pretty quiet around here lately. Not much seems to be happening with the Metroid series and a lot of us stay pretty busy. We've just been popping in and out every once in a while to see what has been going on.
  7. Learning to Longboard

    So I recently bought a 42" longboard. For those that don't know a longboard is essentially a longer version of a skateboard with various deck styles and larger wheels. The board itself is said to ride very similar to a surfboard/snowboard. It's not a board that is suited for tricks, not that people can't do tricks on them (and not that I would) and it is generally more suited to carving, cruising, sliding, and "bombing" hills. ^Experienced ^Experienced ^#$%&ing crazy! Now I don't skate, not in the slightest, so I thought why not keep an archive of learning how to longboard eh? Might be interesting since I can see how far I've come since I started and you guys can have a laugh counting how many times I fall. I'll update the topic as often as I can when I get any free chances to go out and practice. I might even include some pics when I get my camera working.
  8. Learning to Longboard

    How do I stop this thing!? Over the next couple of practice sessions I could get in I felt a little more comfortable each time, but pushing/kicking still eluded me. This is because for the most part you have to balance on one foot while kicking off. Likewise this proves an issue in one of the more common methods of stopping (footbraking) as you have to have one foot on the board while sliding to a stop with the other foot on the ground/pavement. For the most part I imagine when you get that feeling where you need to stop and get off of it and you realize you have no idea of how to go about it most people tend to want to bail. This is very bad because longboards tend to go quite a good deal faster than skateboards. So after trying on flatland for what seemed like several sessions I decided to try the little hill beside my apartment. Let me tell you, with 83mm wheels no hill is little. On one side of me was a 15 foot drop off and on the other was an embankment and a line of trees. I headed down the hill with only a single kick off but I figure I hit around 25 miles per hour before I rolled off the board onto the embankment. At that speed if you aren't comfortable with the board yet it's quite a harrowing experience. So my brother, his fiance, and Reeker came up for a visit. Reeker has skateboarded before but never longboarded, he jumps on it and heads down the hill on his first go, long story short he hit 30+ and tucked and rolled off of it after about 100 yards while the board took off and kept going before plunging down the 15 foot drop on the left side of the road. It landed quite near a parked vehicle. My brother on the other hand went down it the same way but with his feet facing forward on the board. He had never rode a board before but ended up going up the driveway of one of my neighbors several hundred feet down the hill at quite a decent speed. Later that same weekend Reeker and I went to a more tame hill on Campus and practiced sliding for the first time. Long story short the gloves we were using split apart under the stress. Sliding is a pretty good method of stopping/slowing down, generally getting low on the board helps anyway if you start getting speed wobbles. I've fallen about 5 times, a couple of them were pretty nasty, one in particular left my shoelace in several pieces after a particularly long slide along the pavement. I'm getting quite a bit more comfortable on the board. Next time: I focus on learning to pump and kicking off. I must look pretty weird moving like that.
  9. Current Project

    I finished Kingdom hearts 358/2 Days a few months ago and the game still haunts me. I've never enjoyed a game I hate so much. I love everything about it, but I hate how it all had to turn out. It's one of those things that makes perfect sense and you understand that if It ended any other way the game wouldn't have been nearly as good, but the ending also leaves you feeling so conflicted... I just hope that another game in the series rectifies the injustice in the ending. It sort of reminds me of the ending to FFX. I enjoyed it immensely and felt it shouldn't have ended any other way, but when X-2 came out (even though it caused conflictions) it gave me the "closure" I needed to let go of that feeling of pity and regret for the characters. I've never cried during any video game ever, including 358/2 Days, but this is the closest I ever got. Dammit just thinking about it (and that music) makes me sad I'm going to have to make some kind of tribute out of it to give myself closure if another game in the series doesn't do it for me. <just felt like making a note of this>
  10. Learning to Longboard

    Baby Steps I was told to use my strong leg as my back leg, since I kick better with my right let that means I'll most likely ride Regular as opposed to goofy. I had a sheet of grip tape I had bought in anticipation of the board's arrival, but was too excited to put it on before I wanted to try it. I rode to the now empty (and flat) commuter parking lot on campus to try it out. I can vividly remember the sensation I had when I first stood on it. I figured it looked pretty clear I wasn't very confident with it, but the weird thing was the shakiness in my legs. Naturally I clung to the nearest object and after a few seconds I just sort of pushed off from it slowly. I ended up going way too slow and just sort of walked off of it. I got back on it and this time just stood there for a bit without holding on to anything, when I gained a bit of confidence I rocked my legs back and forth. Shoulder width apart I could control everything pretty well, so I pushed off harder. This time I had enough speed to not feel like I needed to walk off of the board. I tried shifting my weight back and forth to see how manageable it turned, surprisingly the motion felt very natural and since I opted for a board with cutouts I wouldn't have to worry about wheel bite. After a few more pushes off of my truck I felt it was time to start going at my own power. Kicking was very very frustrating. I could only get off one or two steps before I felt like either the board was going to run away from me or I was going to go over the top of it. A few times I kicked in the path of the wheels which would stop the board and send me stumbling over it. After 15-20 minutes I was pretty happy with myself, and relished in the fact that it was a bit easier to control than I had expected. Every now and then I'd sort of bail off of it and the board would take off by itself. It wasn't easy to catch it once it got going. I have 83mm Flywheels on it (one of the biggest and fastest wheels you can get) and it would leave me in the dust if I stepped off of it wrong with it going. Next time: I try the "little" hill next to my apartment. How do I stop this thing?
  11. Web Comics

    I read XKCD when the mood hits me but I don't regularly read many web comics. I read all the comics in the Sunday paper when I was a little for quite a while, at least until I started going to the school library and got hooked on the boxcar children series. >_>
  12. Hi

    Good luck with the training.
  13. Hi

    What's up. Going overseas?
  14. The Ultimate Ridley

    I'm glad you asked Jayon. They are in fact both his arms and his wings, and yes he can fly. But not very well.
  15. The Ultimate Ridley

    Clearly stick Ridley would be the best. His main attack would consist of gorging your eyes out with his awesome stick powers, and yes he would be as big as a tree. (or stick >_>) Skeptical? I've attached an image for your viewing pleasure. Yes, I'm serious. j/k
  16. Metroid: Other M

    I haven't played it =/ I heard it sucks pretty hard from more than a few sources, and I gave my nintendo wii away to my aunt, but when it gets to where it only costs like 20 bucks I might pick it up.
  17. Oh no, not again...

    I just... don't know...
  18. Current Project

    Ok, I admit it...I have been......... slipping....... I'm currently playing Spirit Tracks, Soul Silver, FFXIII, Digimon World DS, Digimon World 2, Kingdom Hearts Re:com, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and countless others I can't name. Trust me when I say there are some I'm forgetting just cuz I.....forgot them. It's becoming a syndrome! Every game I start I just can't finish! I don't know what's happening to me. I'll play it vigorously then keel over. I'm 7/8 through DW2 (replaythrough I did beat it once though), (2/3 through FFXIII), (2/3 KH 358/2 Days This game is so interesting I wanna finish it soo badly but............), (1/2 KH Re:Com), (3/5 BFBC2), (3/4 Soul Silver), (1/8 Spirit Tracks)........ They're all really good games but I just can't do it. It's overwhelming me, and the thing is I've had some of them for months like that (KH), even years (Digimon). What's happening to me?!??! Could I be losing my touch?! But I digress, Spirit Tracks is good so far from what I've played.
  19. Happy Birthday Seeker

    Your and Jayon's birthdays are close. Hope you had a good one!
  20. Happy Birthday Jayon!

    Have a good one!
  21. Alright the craziness is over and the board has been restored to the way it was moments before it started. The real april fools gag was to get people to go crazy with mod powers on the 1st, and then on the 2nd to proclaim I couldn't restore the board. (Ben had a hunch, It got Jayon and Dude, and Luis & Seele somehow figured it out before I did) For those that have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about I saved the two main topics as word docs and attached them. Along with two screens of the april fools topic deletion. The only legitimate topic lost was Ben's login redirect suggestion, which has also been archived as well as implemented.(Try signing in and out to see what I'm talking about). Login_Message.zip Finally, when I was on the deleting frenzy I discovered a way to convert the old ipb 2.3 pms into the new ipb 3.0 personal conversations. That has been done so all your old pms should be back Edit: If you're still seeing the i r picasso logo then clear your cache or force reload the board. April_Fools.zip
  22. Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

    Lol now the topic is about Final Fantasy FFVIII (what can I say...) FFX (I was obsessed with this game for quite a while - did a NSG challenge) FFXII (Loved the battle system and how insanely open the game was) FFXIII (can I rank it yet? lol) FFIV FFI FFII FFX-2 (I was perfectly fine with X's ending but it was killing me to know why they'd make a sequel. This game contains the single most awkward scene I've ever witnessed in a FF. If you've played it you'll know what I mean. If you don't then for the - The only good thing in this game was the battle system.) Yes, I haven't played 7 (nor 3 chozo but I might check it out on the DS). If they do a remake for 7 or release it on something like XBL Arcade or Wii Vitrual Console then I'll be sure to play it with the expectation that it's going to suck hard. I also really want to play 9 =/ I'm liking Final Fantasy XIII so far Chozo. The battle system (ATB) is like a hybrid of FFX-2 and FFXII, except your shifting paradigms instead of dress spheres. So far the game has been very linear which disappoints me considering how open XII was. No Towns no side-quests or anything so far and I'm rounding out Chapter 10 of 13. But I've heard it opens up in 11 so I'm looking forward to that. Aside from that the story is really interesting so far and it's been driving it along pretty well. Unfortunately I don't see much re-playability prior to it opening up since there isn't much you could do different on a subsequent play-through aside from re-experience the story. So If I play it more than once I'll likely start at the beginning of Chapter 11 barring wanting to watch cut scenes over.
  23. Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

    I assumed he was talking about the real FFII. I think they're both good, but much more people like FFIV.
  24. Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

    What... I liked FF2 I liked to abuse leveling. Sure the level up system sucked so hard. That is unless you learned how to abuse it. (aka attack yourself to level up) By the time I'd get to the mountains in the second region (forgot the name) I'd be soooo over-leveled
  25. Reputation has been here since the upgrade to 3.0 (aka since the skin changed) but I've been the only one using it >_> at least until I installed a hook to show it in topic view.