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  1. Topic Archive TC: Dudemaster47 Created: Jan 31 2008 downfallofhumaniy.htm
  2. God

    <.< That's Reeker not Seeker...they're two different people... ReekerOfAwesome - aka - Reeker SeekerOfTheRing - aka - Seeker - aka - Local Area Network
  3. I feel a strong urge to move this to the feeding center <.<
  4. *sips coffee and nibbles on a danish*

    Dark Fusion?


  5. Welcome all!

    <.< You knew about the board ahead of time, and I posted in the old board about it for everyone >.>
  6. Once Upon a Time...

    Meanwhile edward: Where did everyone just go. Dudemaster: They were just here! Then they vanished. Diorte: If they're off having some kind of party I'm giong to be really ticked off! SR388: Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg! Dudemaster: what is it? SR388: How are we gonna get out? *The camera pans back and they are all in a hole, in the middle of nowhere.* edward: *pulls out paper and pen* Lets see here *begins to draw* Diorte: You just had to see what was in this hole didn't you... Dudemaster: Hello? Seeker? Lontepark? Dellrizla? Cannon? Someone? Anyone?
  7. Picture War!

    There's another board feature I forgot to mention. It auto-magically reduces images so they won't break the border.
  8. Once Upon a Time...

    If anyone wants to see the old one here is the download link... http://boards.metroidquarantine.com/index....e=post&id=3 I think though that starting over would be good
  9. What should we move?

    Brawl friend codes is already archived. And louis is doing Youtube right now
  10. What should we move?

    I should note, that the topics will be archived in an downloadable file. Along with the last or most important post reposted by the "Management" account
  11. Poll 9

    XD "disgusting body fluids" I kind of felt sorry for the Grenchler, but then I thought about MP2 <.<
  12. Poll 10

    Those Baby Sheegoths were annoying as you know what when you first met them, but it was fun to incinerate them with the plasma cannon. Good times...Good times...
  13. 3/22/08

    It's up as a link at the top, so you will only see it if you click on it.
  14. 3/22/08

    Do you guys want the portal to be the main page for the forums? Or a link up top?
  15. Quick Q.

    If everyone wants the portal, make a poll with a yes and no. Which ever gets the most votes I'll do it then. I'd prefer to leave the post count the way it is. So that the board stats don't get screwy. If you understand what I mean.
  16. Quick Q.

    My controls -> Edit Signature
  17. Welcome all!

    Nice to meet you, welcome to the site.
  18. Welcome all!

    So what's happening Jayon?
  19. As you read from the main site page, Project Phoenix is Metroid Quarantine's rebirth. I purchased both a Domain, Hosting, and more importantly the FULL version or IP.Board 2.3.4 There are a lot of new features, and a ton of Ajax effects, the profiles are freaking sweet not to mention the Rep System returns along with a Shout Box. Heck, the reply box even functions like a rich text editor. So now we'll go into the process of archiving everyone's favorite topics. The good thing is that once this is done it marks the last time we will ever have to do it. Because now that I can access the database we can save all of the post data. So what are you reading this message for? Get out there and start posting!