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  1. Puzzles

    1 to the first guy, cuz if I ran the bar I wouldn't be selling less than a whole glass of beer. >_>
  2. Competitive Pokemon Battling Topic

    Not sure, but that reminds me. Didn't Heart Gold and Soul Silver come out?
  3. Hello,

    Aah numbers won't be that bad. I'll be doing the same more or less I'm going to Clemson, where are you going? Lmao ^that's Awesome. . Want to upgrade from glowsticks on strings? Don't burn yourself with fire! Now you can amazing your friends with PS3 brand poi! We guarantee it'll break something expensive or your money back!Introducing the Move or get knocked out!
  4. Hello,

    I was actually accepted into the university as a major in Architecture and I did a lot of drafting in high school, but my school is only accredited at the masters level (but it's still the roughest major at my college unless you consider the stress premeds are under, but if they were smart they'd major in bioengineering instead of biology [at least that way if they didn't make it into med school they could fall back on something other than teaching biology]). Civil was the next best thing to architecture, I plan on getting a bachelors in Civil then within 5 or so years of graduation go back at an accredited bachelors architecture program so I can have the qualification to work on something from design to completion. I worked with a guy who shifted from comp sci to business. He said he liked it a lot better. Do you have a particular emphasis in business you plan on going into; gov, commerce, administration etc...? Or do you plan on starting your own Chozo Entrepreneur? I haven't heard of Ico but I'd like to see something like Shadow of the Colossus again. I also haven't been keeping tabs on move, but I'll dig something up ---looks like some kind of update to it happened just recently--- As long as it's not just flailing around it'll be a welcome addition
  5. Hello,

    Haha if you wanna write something don't let me stop you I need to update it so bad it's not funny. Things are going pretty well. In my second year of college, switched from comp science (I thought it was awful!) to Civil Engineering. (Maybe I can figure out how to build something designed by a chozo architect. ) I'm hoping to get a ps3 sometime too, things are going to bust wide open in a bit if they can keep their exclusives. I can't say when, but I guarantee I'll have it in time to play KH3 the day it comes out. (If I hadn't had to replace my first xbox I'd be two-thirds the way there). I get the feeling the ps3 will do a bit better long term.
  6. Hello,

    Chozo! <-Obligatory What's Happening?-> FF13? If I'm right then you have either an Xbox360 or PS3; if you have an xbox add me and we'll play sometime.
  7. Metroid: Other M

    I now feel somewhat obligated to post. Even though said post contributes nothing to the conversation. Anyway, I don't know what to think of the art style as of yet, it seems a bit glossy to me, but I'll just have to see how it pans out. I've got time.
  8. Metroid: Other M

    How's it goin Evan?
  9. Metroid: Other M

    Saw the vid. Gotta say, the intro looked pretty bad ass. //Got it. If it vanishes from the web and you wanna see it let me know.
  10. Metroid: Other M

    yea there's a crap load of new info for metroid other m >_> including a release date. I just can't be bothered to do an update. (I think it might kill me =/ and I sorta gave away my wii) I wonder if I could hire a writer? Anyone willing to do it cheap? Bah. Unfortunately I can't say i'm too excited for it to be honest, but if it gets good reviews I'll more than likely get my hands on it one way or the other...m (sorry very bad pun)
  11. Metroid Resources

    *Added metroidwiki.org
  12. Windows 7 for low end system

    Wow! I'm surprised it's working so smoothly with only 512mb of ram. I have to replace the hard drive in my laptop, I might get Windows 7 for it when I do. Vista works fine on a day to day basis, but I'd like something more stable. In the 6-7 years I've had my desktop I only reloaded it once and that was this year because the speed was finally knocked out of it. I've reloaded vista twice. I won't count this time(3) though because it's a hardware issue.
  13. As you post your member title will increase in rank. Once you get 500 posts you can choose your own rank. The last forum rank is at 2000 posts (no one has got there yet)

  14. Competitive Pokemon Battling Topic

    Ok SEELE it's time to DUEL! oh wait...that's yugioh anyway here's my monotype team to get you started right quick w/o having to make a team. (chat convo, long story, needed a place to upload a file) simply unzip then load it in the app. steel-monotype-wildcard.zip
  15. Modren Warfare 2

    It was short but I thought it stayed pretty intense. You missed a bit if you hadn't played the first one though.
  16. Game Ideas

    That sounds pretty sweet Jayon, I'd play something like that.
  17. It's a toss between Dark Aether and the research lab on Elysia for me. I jumped back when those bodies disintegrated, but being in Dark Aether always kept me on the edge of my chair. Especially rooms with Ing and Dark Grenchlers.
  18. Welcome to the site Kasper.

  19. So I've been thinking, and the more I think about it the more other M seems to disappoint me. Sure we haven't seen much yet but from what I have seen and the interviews I've read I'm not too particularly happy with the turn they are taking for it. What do you guys think?
  20. The Speed Gamers will be attempting to catch all 493 pokemon across the games Firered, Leafgreen, Heartgold, Soulsilver, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, and Pearl in 72 hours to raise money for ally's house. The marathon begins at 7pm eastern (GMT -5) standard time on December 18th (In about 2 hours from now!)
  21. I managed to log on to catch the last 30 minutes or so, it was a real nail bitter there. They caught all of the pokemon and raised over $18k
  22. Back

    Stay on topic. Welcome back SR388
  23. Weird websites

    I gotcha, but just to expand on it a little: Nintendo can trademark Mario in the context that it is used, but they have no claim to any other forms of its use, this person is just going under surmise that it is a proper noun rather than a video game character, which means Nintendo has no legal claim to it. So the only way Nintendo would get it would be if they outright bought it from him at a staggering markup. I guess Nintendo doesn't see a cost effective reason for buying it, which makes sense. Diamond.com for instance sold for 7.5 million US Dollars. If the guy made the website about super mario then Nintendo has legal grounds to take some form of action, that's one of the reasons you have to be careful with trademark law, even conglometroid.com for instance with the metroid appended onto it. Luckily Nintendo is pretty fair about the uses they have with it, in fact they have good reason to be as websites like this only serve to promote their games. As far as a I know though Nintendo doesn't have an official policy, however, Microsoft for one does with the games it publishes. If the domain squatter were to go out and make the website about Mario I doubt Nintendo would do anything though. Now making money soley on their intellectual property is a different story, but that doesn't apply to things like reviews, walkthroughs etc... since you are creating the content, I'm not sure about making money off of fan games, I'm pretty sure if that were to happen a cease and desist would go into effect. //wow that was a tangent.
  24. Weird websites

    That's just a domain squatter Luis, there isn't anything weird about it.
  25. Just upload a new profile pic and it should fix the problem.