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  1. Posted on November 20th 2009 by Chris We've got more amazing artwork from Kasper Tromp in the metroid gallery. Hold onto your hat for a moment; Metroid Reorchestrated a site dedicated to remixing metroid soundtracks, is online and they've already remixed six themes! My personal favorite is their remix of the metroid 2 main theme. Be sure to keep your eye tuned to their site. (Thanks for the tip Philip!)
  2. Life, Love, and Consequences

    Holy cow dude, I haven't seen this much poetry since second semester English. How long did it take you to create so much?
  3. Happy Birthday! Have a good one.

  4. What's your opinion on Other M so far?

    There haven't been any new ones just the original 3 or so. I can dig them up if you want. http://www.1up.com/do/previewPage?cId=3174587 http://wii.ign.com/articles/991/991793p1.html http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2009/06/metroid-interview/ etc...
  5. Congratulations! You might find one you like here: http://www.thenewparentsguide.com/most-popular-baby-names-2008.htm
  6. Modren Warfare 2

    Yea I plan on getting it for the 360, I take from your psn id you're getting it for the ps3?
  7. Posted on October 24th 2009 by Chris We've got more Metroid fanart to show you guys, We've added more of Felberg, as well as an amazing craft from Philip Wels and some stunning artwork from Kasper Tromp. Be sure to stay tuned to the gallery for more metroid fan creations. On top of the artwork we've revised one of the more popular posts on the site. The secret evoltion now sports a much higher quality video, be sure to check it out if you haven't already. Keep your eyes peeled to Conglometroid for more metroidy goodness.
  8. http://Conglometroid.com/ Please be patient as all issues are revealed and ironed out over the next few weeks. There is a known problem regarding certain Avatars at the moment, if you avatar is not shown then please upload a new one. Personal Messages were also not ported over from the previous forum as a result of a complete overhaul in how the PM system now works. Conversion should take place later and I hope to have the PM's restored. A forum skin will be done regarding the results of the topics poll. You'll notice the return of a Reputation system with the upgrade which will enable you to up specific posts in a topic which will highlight or be hidden after they reach a certain number. Profiles have been reworked as well. Please post feedback and/or bugs in this topic.
  9. I used to spend my time in English drawing interior elevations usually kitchens and occasionally exterior ones. I kept a scale in my backpack as a matter of fact. After a while I could draw a mean looking cabinet. Stepped my kitchen details up a few levels So what does your program do? I majored in Computer Science last year so I have a basic understanding of programmer methodology and knowledge in C & C++. (Thank goodness I got out of it though, it was driving me nuts!) I'd still like to be an architect myself, but my current college is only accredited at the masters level, but it's a pretty good engineering college so I'm getting a 4yr civil degree and I'll probably go back and get an architectural one somewhere else. If you're really interested in that kind of programming stuff you might like computer science or computer engineering.
  10. Metroid: Other M

    No new news. >_>
  11. LPs?

    lol mac users
  12. Obscure refrences!

    No sorry, keep trying.
  13. Posted on September 21st 2009 by Chris The Metroid gallery subset of conglometroid is up! you can view the gallery as well as the work of Filip Johannes Felberg by clicking the gallery link up top or the link in this post. If you find any stunning Metroid artwork or crafts that we don't know about then be sure to let us know. If you want to submit art or crafts then contact us.
  14. 3 more new works by Filip Johannes Felberg have been added to the gallery
  15. Obscure refrences!

    Metroid Prime? --- Edit: K got the word from Luis over Stumble that it was in fact Metroid Prime from a space pirate log in MP1. Who said "No More Joking"?
  16. Obscure refrences!

    Oh this little bugger is tough, Space pirates testing subjects... If it's not one of the phazon pirate strains then I guess Metroids.
  17. Obscure refrences!

    No, not Metroid Prime. On second thought phazon might be the more appropriate choice. Starborne Plague being referenced to the Leviathan on Bryyo could be generalized as just phazon as well. So in affect it could be either one of the two since it isn't explicitly described in detail within the log. So I guess it's Luis' turn.
  18. Obscure refrences!

    no, not Dark Samus
  19. Obscure refrences!

    Not quite but you're close.
  20. That shouldn't be too hard to do I'll see if I can get a brighter version. I was thinking it looked a little dim myself, but I love the blue hue of it so much more than the old image. Perhaps it wouldn't be out of the question to have it randomly change on page loads? Then I could work on a whole fleet of spacey backgrounds. I was thinking something similar about the purple, and had one with a bit of blue and purple in it together, but when I softened the edges to make it work on a large background the purple took over I could condense the old one then redo the softening to edge in more of the blue
  21. haha nice, you actually use the status update feature too.

  22. We're just missing the submitters =/ Rather than answer that like I traditionally have, I think it would be better if it came from someone else. http://thenetsetter.com/blog/tips/it-wont-happen-overnight-but-it-will-happen/ You'll need to read the entire post. ----------------------------------- I setup a new Background on the main site: http://conglometroid.com/ I think it looks better than the old one, but what do you guys think? (Make sure you are viewing the right one - Force Refresh the page with ctrl/shift + reload or just clear your cache in order to view the new one.)
  23. Obscure refrences!

    Ridley. It's from a space pirate log I believe. What is the starborne plague?

    Happy Birthday Samus!