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    I have nothing wrong with anyone expressing their opinion. It's important that you know however that if you were to maintain such a strong opinion as you did throughout that post in the presence of someone who has undergone a situation like my brother's you'll bring up a fair bit of painful memories and evoke a reaction. In the case of my brother he would lose his cool and someone would have to drag him off of you. Certain topics are more sensitive than others especially those that deal with small children. I don't want to log on here one day and see a topic along the lines of you having been beaten up by someone for saying something to them. Fights have started for far more trivial things. They say your brain isn't fully developed until you are in your mid 20s. My niece's mother loves her daughter. I'm positive that if she could undo those thoughts she would. You aren't at your best thinking when you're afraid and your life is going to change so much. I agree that it should be allowed but not past a point and under those conditions. Even so the matter is still a very touchy one. If you wish to discuss this with me any further Dudemaster you may do so in a pm.
  2. Michael Jackson Dies at 50

    /facepalm ^ Luis will get it.
  3. What DS games do you recommend?

    What are the main differences between the DSi and the regular DS? Action & RPG are pretty good. I played that professor layton and the curious village though and thought it was pretty good. I was thinking the FF4 remake, Chrono Trigger, and Pokemon. I forgot about Phantom Hourglass though. I imagine I'll find a cheap copy of hunters as well for completions sake.


    IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, YOU DON'T HAVE TO PARTICIPATE IN IT. You think that situation fits my brother? Why can't it be available to the mother no matter what the circumstance? A child in the womb is not an insect. Dudemaster, if you were to express an opinion that strongly in the presence of my brother he'd, for lack of a better phrase, kick your ass. Things are different when it's happening to you. A baby has no say in the matter. It can't speak for itself. A half-life is still a life. What if you were the child and your mother wanted an abortion on you? --- For my sake as well as Dude's I'm going to stop participating in this topic before I let personal feelings cloud my better judgment. Jayon, if you see that this gets out of hand spare no measure in locking or deleting the topic.
  6. Michael Jackson Dies at 50

    And it happens once again

    So the parallel must be true? If the father wants the mother to have an abortion that she doesn't want then it is his right to force her to get one. Because it's his wallet. If she can have an abortion without male consent then why does child support exist? Bullshit. Just because she carries the baby doesn't make the child any less his than hers. Men aren't seahorses. Want pro-choice? Don't have unprotected sex. If you do and you don't want the baby it should be at the consent of both parties. scientifically a parasite until birth Show me where an 8 month old baby in a womb is a parasite.

    I guess I sort of float down the middle. My niece wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my brother fighting so hard to keep his GF at the time from having an abortion. She's the most immature 22 year old I've seen(she was 18 at the time). When she said she wanted an abortion we pretty much lost it. My brother was a train wreck for about 6 weeks. She shouldn't be able to go off and get one on her own like that and completely exclude a father from it. She wanted an abortion for herself, my brother didn't want his child put away for such selfish reasons and I wouldn't either. He told her outright to have it and if she didn't want anything to do with her he would take all the responsibility from her and raise her himself. If it was pro-choice then why should my brother not get a say in the matter when she could run off and have an abortion? There are other ways rather than that manner to not have the responsibility of raising a child. --- Up until a certain point I agree that abortion should be allowed but only if both the mother and the father consent and the mother is old enough to understand the severity of the situation (at least 18) otherwise her guardians would have to consent. If they both consent and it isn't past that time period then it most certainly is their choice. But only under those circumstances. If a woman is raped she should be given the right to an abortion at all costs and she has plenty of time to get one before that time period passes. Those catholic hospitals not giving morning after pills should have their asses kicked.
  9. Well yea, my point to him was that we would work on putting content on it together. And..... yea.... Chat? irc://irc.esper.net/MetroidQuarantine
  10. In a single word? Reeker.
  11. Lmao! What would have made it better was if you made a topic there.
  12. Michael Jackson Dies at 50

    Just when I have a renewed faith in him dudemaster always seems to kill it dead before it can grow. As much as I liked Billy Jean, Smooth Criminal was insane. Radio stations have been playing his songs off and on all day today. My cousin got into dance performing his songs actually. Out of Context: Luis, you have a maid?
  13. Damnant quod non intellegunt.
  14. Good news. I just tackled something that has been holding me up for three weeks tonight. Now that it is out of the way I can push forward with the project. I think I just shaved a week off my intended release date. I'll be contacting staff soon to discuss member recruiting(will be right after I finish phase 1 of DarkFire) and If we decide so then we might open it up so that members can help as well in this regard. Recruiting is a fickle process, the most important aspect of which is to not piss off the medium.
  15. Happy Birthday Luis!

    I've been trying to think of something to break my triple 6 post stalemate. It seems the best and most logical way would be to wish Luis a happy birthday Happy Birthday Luis! Let's get this party started. :partytime:
  16. Gasp! Your 7th member icon has disappeared!

  17. That's too bad, Hope you get things sorted out.
  18. Metroid: Other M

    That's actually a good thing. That's just the archive bot, it only comes once your site has been around for a while. After it indexes the site it will appear on archive.org as long as it is running, which they planned indefinitely. It won't archive everything but it will preserve the basics such as layout and a few posts etc...
  19. Metroid: Other M

    Dammit! I was hoping the backup had all the posts in it...I forgot to check for missing data... Something corrupted the database so I had to restore the most recent backup I had. The one I took a few days ago (right before other M was announced) It's a lot better than losing all 11000+ posts... I'm suspecting some sort of malicious activity. I can't recover the old posts but I may be able to recreate them by wading through what is left of the mangled mess that is the database. It could recover the lost data in text form at least, just not as a topic...... I'll see what I can do. I know about the new Metroid topic, but I'm not sure about the last few posts in 1337. Give me a heads up on it Jayon, I also want to start putting it in a special features section I'm going to setup on Darkfire/flame. I've been working on it so I hope to have Darkfire/flame running soon. When exactly did the posts first disappear because I didn't notice them till this morning. If you ever need to reach me in such an event then go here: http://metroidquarantine.com/chat/ It contains instructions on how to join IRC. Edit: I'm just glad I backed up the database when I did, otherwise we could have lost quite a few more posts then 20 or so....
  20. Metroid: Other M

    There already is a topic... Look it up Lonte >.> ...And does anyone read the site besides Louis and I? http://metroidquarantine.com/ you would have seen it there at the least...
  21. events...

    They are, but because you are located in the Elite Member's group one we created from scratch it didn't carry over the calendar privilages for some reason. I have fixed it so you should be able to add an event. If you can't then send either Jayon or Myself a pm.
  22. I'm back.

    That's good to hear Lect, Welcome Back
  23. As you may or may not be aware of there has been a recent surge in the number of spam topics, in particular bots posting spam like there is no tomorrow. The main cause seems to stem from a program (who I shall not give fame to in this topic). The update a while back enabled reCAPTCHA a system that dynamically generates images and fonts to combat spammers. Whether the registrations are being done by bots capable of breaking the reCAPTCHA or whether it is humans is negligent at the moment. I have exams next week, but after that I am done for the year. May 1st will be my last day, and once everything gets settled back down I will apply a patch that the developers have released for the pm system and will proceed to go through and blacklist any and all forms of spam I can identify. Be they user agents, ip addresses, or the like. The unfortunate consequence is the fact this spam program is capable of changing user agents as well as IPs. I will try to look for a longer term solution to the problem rather than blocking all registrations until such a time as some developer can release a form of anti-spam software that can nuke this program. As a result of the recent insurgence I have henceforth disabled all new registrations until such a time as I can devote myself to solving this issue. This will be sometime shortly after May 1st.