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  1. Pinch me, cause I must be dreaming.

  2. Got the forums upgraded!

  3. I'm doing pretty good, can't say much about anyone else though =/

  4. Reputation has been here since the upgrade to 3.0 (aka since the skin changed) but I've been the only one using it >_> at least until I installed a hook to show it in topic view.

  5. As you post your member title will increase in rank. Once you get 500 posts you can choose your own rank. The last forum rank is at 2000 posts (no one has got there yet)

  6. Welcome to the site Kasper.

  7. Just upload a new profile pic and it should fix the problem.

  8. Happy Birthday! Have a good one.

  9. haha nice, you actually use the status update feature too.

  10. Stationed in Fort Bragg?

  11. Gasp! Your 7th member icon has disappeared!

  12. What is that avatar?

  13. I love this song :p

  14. I wonder where Chozo is... any thoughts?

  15. hmm he changed it.

  16. *sips coffee and nibbles on a danish*

    Dark Fusion?