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  1. You should have converted your files to more open formats with Paint.NET before jumping the pond. There is a Photoshop CS5 plugin that can open Paint.NET files, but that's far from free. Gimp should have worked though, i was under the impression that it was compatible with Paint.NET.
  2. So, about your job Chris

    So, will you stick to the family business or are you still focused on getting that Civil Engineering degree?
  3. So, about your job Chris

    Sure, y vaina.
  4. So, about your job Chris

  5. The Slender Man

    Oh nothing, never mind.
  6. I'M Back!!!!!!!!!!!

    You never told me you spoke German.

    I remember way back when this place had more traffic, everyone would post every time they saw "Google" or "Yahoo" as guests and say they were spying us.
  8. I'M Back!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nono, Ididn'tuseatranslator. I'mtryingtostopyoufromusingone.
  9. Oh God I used to love this place so much back when i was like, 15.
  10. The Slender Man

    >_> I have a feeling Bravo may be a Redditor.
  11. So, about your job Chris

    How about you explain what it is exactly that you do? I'm quite curious. I mean, are you the guy farming or were you hired to administrate the farm? Have you had to hire illegal aliens? How big is the farm? Are you farming weed? And more importantly, do they pay you well?
  12. Nintendo's E3 2011

    I ended up hating the Wii and its inflexible bid on casual gaming. Which is pretty much why I'm so wary with the Wii U. They don't want to lose that massive casual console gaming market which they still dominate (even considering Kinect's success). Of course, with the great graphics more "hardcore" games will appear (I hate that term), but I'm worried these will be few and far between.
  13. I'M Back!!!!!!!!!!!