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  1. Just thought of this old site... Sort of miss it.

  2. w00t skin!

    It is awesome. Best one yet.
  3. Situation Riddle Game

    He was old, it was a jack-in-the box and the jack came out, then he had a heart attack. Correct?
  4. Situation Riddle Game

    Was he making the music? A: no Was the music affecting him or was it coincidence? A: yes
  5. God

    So true.
  6. God

    Of course there is a god it is me.
  7. 3/24/08

    gray ftw
  8. 24/03/08

    I meant to vote japanese not mexican (yuck)
  9. 3/22/08

    This was a triumph I'm making a note here Huge Suc- oh that kind of portal, those are good to
  10. Favorite Metroid Game

    Metroid Prime is amazing.
  11. Dreams

    Most of the dreams i remember are similar in nature. I can see from many different vantage points, and I can move the field of view for each one. It's like being a cloud of floating eyeballs. Sometimes it is more in depth. I also hate dreams where you have the most amazing thing and then you wake to find it wasn't real. I was once in a library in one of my dreams with a little button that could make stuff float. I woke up and started searching insanely for that remote.
  12. Brawl Friend Code List

    Roflha: 1416-5887-8269