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  1. Prime 4

    Hahaha, yeah. I'm doing pretty good, how're ya? Problem is I don't want to spend 300+ on a Switch to play 1 game...
  2. Prime 4

    Been a long time boys...
  3. Heyo! Been awhile. Again. haha how's everyone?

  4. The Ultimate Ridley

    Ancient Ridley. He's been Tech'd, he's been normal, he's been cloned. I want to see an ancient version.
  5. Metroid: Other M

    I've played up to where you're about to fight the 2nd time. So far, I think it's really well done. The only gripe I have is not being able to use certain abilities like missiles in 3rd person.
  6. Metroid: Other M

    hey all. 2 days till release. already pre-ordered. anyone see the live action-ish trailer, i've posted it below? great model. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ruVuOI5Igo&feature=pyv&ad=5886526412&kw=other%20m%20trailer
  7. Metroid: Other M

    I can't wait to see what intergalactic space gerbil she'll trip over and lose her items on next. (What's the point of all that bounty money if she keeps taking such poor care of her belongings?) But all seriousness aside, that Japanese trailer was pretty freakin cool.
  8. Hello,

    heyo. good to hear most of you guys are doing ok. things are boring on my end. boring is good.
  9. Concept Art

    jesus krispies i'm still unsure how the control scheme will play out but damn--that was a well put together trailer.
  10. The Size of the Morphball

    I've always imagine it about the size of one of those exercise balls--around 3ft or so.
  11. Metroid: Other M

    has anyone seen this? http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2010/02/metroid-other-m-2/ To be honest, I really don't know if I'm going to like that control scheme... I can't say anything concrete to I try it though.
  12. Concept Art

    Contrary to popular belief, I do come back to the site every now and again...when I can. I was browsing through art the other day and I came across this guy on DeviantArt, not a site I frequently go to. In anycase, this guy's concept art is out of this world. Literally. I give you a taste of his work below. If you want to see more, click here and scroll down. Wouldn't some of his stuff make excellent Metroid creatures?
  13. Valhalla was creepy, specially with the blurred vision. Scariest thing imo was on my first play through Echoes, in one of the first rooms where the dead GF Troopers fell down on the Splinter webs, i had the music up all the way too. It made my spine tingle, i love that part.
  14. Metroid: Other M

    *poof* So, any news on this game? Or am I still up to date? *poof*
  15. Oh gosh...

    ^ I giggled