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  1. General Discussion

    I pop in on occasion, just to peek in on the old place. It's a weird kind of comforting that it's still here after all this time.
  2. I wonder if Federation Force will bring people round here again

    1. Chris


      The spinoff? I wouldn't hold my breath

  3. Happy New Year!

    Well, time again for what has inexplicably become my favourite new year tradition. I hope everybody's doing well and that that continues into this coming year. I still poke my head in here every once in a while. Not sure what I expect to see, but the nostalgia keeps driving me back to check. But enough blather. Happy New Year, everyone!
  4. Happy New Year!

    Here we are again. A happy new year to you all!
  5. Hello again, Conglometroid ol' gal.

  6. Happy New Year!

    Hey, Jayon. I was struck by a bout of nostalgia and remembered this place. It's been so long... (And a month-and-a-half-late Happy New Year from me.)
  7. I think you had best count me out, at least for this first month. I've got some niou-se I need to work through and there's no telling how short or long it'll take me. Just figured to give you a heads up.
  8. So, I notice along the top of the cover page there is a list of features... And one of these features is fan fiction... I'm hesitant to put this forward, but I have been working on a story of my own, and it happens to fall within the Metroid universe... My reticence stems from the fact that I currently only have just over four pages written, and I've been too busy these last couple weeks to work on it at all. Also, the beginning at least is not very Metroid-y, it's not a Samus-centric story, and its primary source material is one of the series' more maligned games. (And it's something I made, which I tend to feel should devalue the thing on principle.) But after this week I should have more free time, so if anyone (mainly Chris. He's the boss, after all) is interested I can try to get some more work done on it so it can be submitted for review, or however things are done. Nearly the whole plot is planned out to some degree or another, so I imagine things should go rather smoothly in regards to actually typing it up. So, yeah... how 'bout that.
  9. Metroid: Other M

    I was recently directed to this essay on the writing and story in Metroid: Other M: http://moonbase.rydia.net/mental/blog/gaming/metroid-other-m-the-elephant/article.html It drew some rather disturbing conclusions, but it's well reasoned and written. I would suggest reading it to all here, if you have the inclination and/or time. It left me concerned about Yoshio Sakamoto's continued involvement in the Metroid series.
  10. First impressions: I like it. It's very crisp. Professional. The layout doesn't seem too cluttered, so it should work well with any number of background images. One concern I have involves the plug of Conglometroid. The little Metroid-insignia for the "C" is a bit blurry, so a simple aesthetic fix there, but it led me to wonder: if someone didn't know what they were looking at, might they read it instead as "onglometroid.com", with a nifty little Metroid decal beside it? I don't know if that's likely, but who knows with people...
  11. I recently-ish got myself a new computer. I went for a Mac this time, because I'm impulsive and it seemed like the thing to do. So, I'm transferring over files I want to keep from my decrepit old computer, and find something I'd been working on in Paint.net. I bring it over, thinking I can finish it on my new computer. Of course, now I know that PDN doesn't have a mac version, so I asked google what to do. I was told GIMP would be a suitable alternative, but now that I've tried to open the file I realize that it's saved in Paint.net's own special .pdn format. And GIMP will have none of that. So I go back to google, ask it if there's any way I can get things rolling along here. Google is being spectacularly unhelpful in this situation (an unheard of occurrence, to me) which leads me to believe I am out of luck. But I figured I'd try you guys out, just in case. Is there any way to open .pdn files in GIMP? Or is there another Mac-friendly program I can use to open it?

    MSN/Bing seems to be peeking in, too. I don't think I've seem them around before.
  13. I feel as though that is German, but the nearest I can tell it says Which seems somewhat random to me... I spoilered it in case anyone else wished to take a swing at it.
  14. The Slender Man

    I am uncertain as to what that means.
  15. Pourmoic'estplusfacile.