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  1. Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

    I have this game as well. Actually, this was the first Zelda game I've ever played. I got the DX version when I was 7, but I remember the game being a little too hard at the time, so I didn't finish the game until I was a little older. My favorite part of the game is probably all the references to other games, like the Yoshi doll, Mr. Wright, and heck, I even remember the goombas and piranha plants! There was also a Kirby-like enemy in the Eagle Tower IIRC. Good game. The ending was kinda sad, though. =(
  2. Halloween

    Unless you were asking for a death wish, you wouldn't go trick-or-treating while wearing a demonic costume in the middle of a Swiss town. >.> No matter, I might go to a friend's house, have a party with all my buddies, and feast on assorted candies and delicious chocolate. (OMG chocolate!)
  3. School...Limited computer time......Life......I rarely have any time to post here.
  4. 9/11/2001

    Generally, people I know who are a bit...judgemental, and tend to believe in a false stereotype that we are all angry people who despise america. Specifically, my Chemistry teacher. That bastard. > (To be fair, I didn't exactly give him an easy time, and he didn't actually call me an asshole. He was giving me a lot of crap, though.)
  5. 9/11/2001

    I was in 4th grade, in a school in Sao Paulo. (I still lived in Brazil.) When I arrived in my apartment, my mom was screaming at me to watch to TV and see what was happening. I was completely devastated. The next day, everyone was talking about it, and even felt sympathetic towards our American friends. See. Brazilians aren't COMPLETE a-holes. <.<
  6. ...uh...Welcome back! (I need to get on more >_>)
  7. SMRPG

    No! Why must my online connection on my Wii not work at a time like this? This is just not fair.
  8. *Puts suitcase down*

    Well, I've been gone for a long time, and many things have changed. It is only natural for me to get overly-excited by such overwhelming changes. Nevertheless, it's good to BE back.
  9. As a first statement, let me shout out, "HOLY FREAKIN **** WHAT HAPPENED HERE??!!!?" ...k, got that out of my system. Anyways, hi guys, I'm back, and this time, in Switzerland. Sorry I came here a bit later than I thought, (it's chaos moving from one side of the world to another). So, I'm a bit surprised and overwhelmed of all this new stuff. There are even some new people here, which is cool. BTW, I totally dig that new image on top of the Quaran-...I, mean Magatroid forum.
  10. Departing

    Hey guys, Alright, it's official now. Starting now, I won't be able to use the computer for more than a month, because now it's the time to load everything up and move. I won't see you guys in a while, so don't miss me that much. (Not that you all do, as I'm not that frequent >_>) Anyways...HAPPY BIRTHDAY IKUS!!!!! BTW, yes, I'm going to Switzerland. Sour and Lonte found out during chat.
  11. The Rick Roll Topic

    Mario Paintroller'd
  12. What Are You Listening To?

    Bullet with Butterfly Wings - Smashing Pumpkins YYZ - Rush >_>
  13. Resident Evil

    Dang, ed. And I thought your Metroid overviews were long, but THIS is massive. >_>
  14. Departing

    Actually, I've been living in the U.S. for the past 3 years now. But yeah, I was mostly in South America. ...sorry, neither France nor Spain! (Haha, I'll laugh when it takes you all a whole month to correctly guess my destination. )
  15. In case you guys haven't noticed , I've been going here less and less. This is because of a very important reason. If you haven't guessed already from my profile, I'm about to move. And not just a short distance, but to an entirely different country. I'll be using the rest of my time to get ready for this, (selling the house, packing, storage) but i'll check in periodically to see ya guys. Well, don't expect me very soon, but i'll come back ASAP. Cya when I'm in Europe. (Country TBA... hehe, I'm so evil.)