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  1. Edit@ Dudemaster: Yeah, it kinda is a crazy unanswerable question. I didn't see your post before I posted this, but I agree it will probably veer off into religion >>; Still, it might be fun to talk about! Anywaaay~ Brace yourselves this is long O_O First off, the computer analogy is a little inaccurate because we created them to compute; even AI is a series of computations and mathmatics disguised as "choice". It is pre-programmed, it is math, it is plausible and predictable. Humans, on the other hand (assuming a strictly nonreligious viewpoint), are organic creatures that randomly came to be rather than were created, and we were especially not pre-ordained with any mathmatics or specific purpose behind us like computers. Quite the contrary, we are a freak occurance that happened to work, our progess bound only by the laws of physics and the next big "freak chance", as opposed to being dictated priorly by them, like the actions of computers are predicted priorly by us. The rules of Nature did not say "here is life", life came out of wild chance occurances, ones that adhered to the rules of Nature in the process, and unwittingly exploited these rules to an advantage (Humans, meerkats, trees ^^ Everything). So, recapitulation. Computers do what they do because we programmed them to do it. It is NOT random. Meanwhile, humans aren't programmed by any inteligent source that we know of; so how is it that we are capable of having random, purposeless thoughts? Let's explore the physical basis for thought. If it were that "you have a thought, then neurons fire"-- nothing physical was there to create the "action" of the thought itself, so that's (logically) impossible. Yet, if it were "the neurons fire and THEN you have a thought"... something is happening before that thought existed to make it exist, so what told the neurons to make something specific exist? Was it outside stimulus? Even if you believe that stimulus triggors thought (instinctively), there are thoughts that seem to happen all on their own, without any direct cause or stimulus. Right now I am thinking about twelve pot bellied marmosets dancing on lava rocks in jumpsuits on Mars, wearing monocles, whom insist upon harassing the Martian townspeople as they play on special marmoset-sized-accordians (made of pure gold and Uranian steel, of course)-- only to be eaten by space sharks, much to the townspeople's delight. Where did that abstract, purposeless thought come from? Why? The problem is, instincts (as someone else mentioned) aren't thoughts. They are responses that knee-jerk out of us, like fight or flight, like the dilation of the pupil to light, like flinching when something quickly nears our face. I guess we can call this evolution's "pre-programming", if the computer analogy is to hold any weight at all. The direct correlation between stimulus and response is easy to map, there is no "HEY I SHOULD DILATE MY PUPIL" thought; it just happens. Me thinking about marmosets, on the other hand, is much more complicated to map, and is clearly not instinctual. As for brawn being more directly important then brains in the game of survival, I must agree-- it seems illogical that life on earth would favor and foster brains over brawn for long enough that brains would actually thrive at the level we thrive at. But, again, let's just assume everything on earth is here by a series of freak chances and serendipity happening to exploit the laws of Nature to their advantage I rambled a bit there, but I think the REAL question is; Is there a difference between the BRAIN (the physical matter that's in your skull; the neuron firings, the chemical reactions) and the MIND (free thought, creativity, philosophical questions, spontinaety without cause)? Why is it that we can have thoughts, and does this suggest an unknown variable at work, such as a soul? Hope I sharpened the thought correctly, Diorte! Please do discuss, but think about your points beforehand so this doesn't veer off too much off topic ^^
  2. NIN

    Aw, really? I didn't rerally like The Slip overall, not very re-listenable to me ): I won't go so far as "all albums ever", but as far as nails, imo Fragile is the pinacle of NIN (Year Zero close behind <3) ^^
  3. Welcome all!

    HAY U HOW YAH DOIN??! @__@
  4. The Rick Roll Topic

    Rick Roll is amazing I have to agree xD Cheezy white guy in the 80s = formula for success!
  5. Welcome all!

    Hello people! I guess I am new, sooo This seemed like the place to go~ Or at least this is where Diorte linked me O: Sup? (: