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  1. I was promised rain, but no delivery.

  2. Dr. Horrible

    Can't wait for the sequel set to film next year. Anywho, if you count memorizing every song as watching it. Then yes, I've watched.
  3. Modren Warfare 2

    I think it has. I'm not getting any new games until my cashflow increases. So my hype is none.
  4. I did this every chance I got. Most of my teachers thought I was playing games. :/
  5. LPs?

    my problem would be Dell's fault. They disabled a Vista feature in the name of copyright protection.
  6. LPs?

    After working with CamStudio, I think that 'some settings' is an understatement. I've been through hell and back trying to get it to record the computer sounds. Now that I've done that, do you know of any way to record the sounds and have it record the microphone, or will I have to edit those together, afterward?
  7. LPs?

    Well, if you could lead me to a program to record in, that would be great.
  8. LPs?

    I've been thinking about getting into doing LP, but I haven't found the right programs yet. Plus I would have to get over some personal issues.
  9. Favorite foods and flavors and all that jazz

    Italian and oriental. Especially tiramisu

    When I play I won't hamper god with just any skateboard, they should have used an electric skateboard.
  11. It's the quiet ones you have to be careful of...

    Oh no, someone mentioned Tiramisu, you monster. *wonders off to find lady fingers.*
  12. What DS games do you recommend?

    Trauma Center, both of them.
  13. A song for Seeker

    Ok. ^.^ I don't have access to it until Monday, though
  14. A song for Seeker

    Don't worry Jayon, I'm still here. ^.^ I just don't post much anymore. :/ Wow, it sure has been a long time.