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    Yeah this game looks interesting. I'm looking forward to it.
  2. Competitive Pokemon Battling Topic

    I'll shoddy anyone if they are interested. I won't play on my DS though because 1. I can't access wi-fi 2. My team has no EV training, natures, or IVs
  3. Welcome to the Metroid Network

    Its just a domain and skin change?
  4. Welcome to the Metroid Network

    Umm... Words can't express my current confusion
  5. Metroid: Other M

    Oh I see what you are talking about, I skimmed this topic and missed that post.
  6. Metroid: Other M

    Chat forum?
  7. So anything new around here?

    Oh Darkfire, I hope it lives up to the hype.
  8. Michael Jackson Dies at 50

    lmao, I knew diorte was going to say something like that
  9. So anything new around here?

    I just felt like popping in, anything worth checking out?
  10. Consolidations & Preparations

    I'm kind of excited for Darkfire, mainly because it has been in the works forever and I know absolutely nothing about it.
  11. Metroid: Other M

    We still have chat
  12. A Song for Dellrizla

    That might just be the best cake I have ever seen.
  13. It's quiet...too quiet

    Same with me really.
  14. Well I will certainly take part in them if we get them to take off. Does everyone still come here or is there anyone we still haven't seen for ages?