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  1. Hello! how have you being lately?

  2. Desktops

  3. BEV Project

    Great i?ll send you the templates, probably tonight because right now I am on the beach.
  4. Public Announcement

    Yay! Congratulations, Happy "Almost 1 Year" Aniversary, hope you have a great time together!
  5. BEV Project

    No you can't jump. You won't need to jump anyway. Also, I'm not very good at using any painting programs. Maybe if you know how to use it, i could send you the templates without the blood for you to add a more realistic blood.
  6. BEV Project

    more like double dragon what do you think about it?
  7. BEV Project

    yes the player can move up or down, left or right but nothing is really on 3d, that's why its a sort of birds eye view.
  8. BEV Project

    Hey guys.. this forum is seriously dead, but I see some of you still want to hang out and do a project of some sort. I could help you with that my fellow friends. I've been working on what I call the "Bird's Eye View Project", but you can call it BEVP. Anyhow, its been like 2 week or so, that I've been working on this. First off This is what I've got -Menu (50%) (Still missing the Options menu, the in game menu, the arcade menu, and the credits) -Player (100%) (With this i mean the player movement, the player images, and everything releated to him) -Game play (90%) (there is not much of a game play just move and shoot, but I'll put 90 because i haven finish doing the items and guns.) -Levels (6/7) (I got all except level 5, i can't find sprites for a European facility) and they are all seen in a third person bird's eye view, sort of double dragon style -Storyline (I'd say 90%) (There are still some things that need to be rewritten because they make no sense and confuse the player) -Enemy (0%) (this is where you come in handy) -Pre-Level Thoughts (0%) (I don't know how to explain this, before each level there is a short memo, explaining what you did and parts of the story. Ex: I had to escape from the village it was already overrun by those things. As I adventure myself into the jungle I hear strange noises, i hope their not in here too.... That sort of stuff. It be great to do little movies, but still i don't get how to integrate movies with blitz :S) -Items (0%) (I haven't programmed anything that has to do with items that the enemies drop. I haven't even looked for the sprites. If you could help me here, i have a few main ideas. Items in mind: Health, Ammo, Drug-like invincibility, rage(no reloading needed + for every enemy you kill your life goes up) ) -Guns (1%) (Guns in mind: Pistol, Automatic, Shotgun, Flamethrower, Contra Gun (homing bullets) .Guns are given to you as you move through the storyline. I need gun sprites, gun images (so that at the end of the level it shows you, awsome! you one this gun [image of gun]), bullet sprites, the only one i got is a bullet form the pistol.) I decided to take this project to the forum because its probably more fun than doing this alone. and besides know you wanted to build a video game. I can't promise anything but i am expecting that by April 12 this program will be done and ready for the beta testing, which you can do. What i would need from you For now, lets focus on sprites and images, let's not touch the games storyline. -Sprites needed: The ones from the guns (see above)., The ones from the enemies (see above) about 7 different enemies (zombie like, mutant like), The ones from the items (see above) -I could also use a person that could do some voice acting, either for narration purpose or for sounds like death screams, or mutant screeches, gunshots. Tell me if you are interested and i will send you the script for the voice acting (please notice that if you are doing the voice acting i will need you till the end) -I could use some music for the levels... i made some with my guitar for the main menu, but if you find something different...great! The Idea is to keep it simple because if we start doing to much crap at the same time we wil end up doing nothing. I wrote this really quickly and really unorganized if there is something you don't understand or you want more detail please tell me. If you want to change something, as long as it is not changing the game play or anything too complex tell me. If you decide to post a sprite please respect the author and give credit. I hope you like this project. I could do this on my own but then again, it is better and more nice to do it with you guys, that way I can see what other people think. Also take into account that this game is simple and that the graphics and everything are simple because it's sole purpose is to have fun and have a small practice game. We can make a big ass game out of episode 2 (yes there will be a sequel) depending on how fun this game ends up being. I'll post more information if you are interested on working in this project. Here are some pics:
  9. Viral

    YAY! Charlie The Unicorn and the Voyage to Candy Mountain did you know they say "Charlie" 21.5 times in that video
  10. It's quiet...too quiet

    I'm thinking of dropping by a project so the people interested can help me with it..... I'll do this between tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.. ...we'll see. I hope this will help revive the forum
  11. Videogame Info for Project

  12. What happened here?!

    holy shit this topic is old, the site is kind of empty..
  13. *Sips Coffe*

    jaja. Welcome back
  14. Someone Is Getting Promoted

    ohh finally i got it! congrats you know who!!
  15. Space Dragon's Wish

    when is chapter three coming