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  1. Wow, right now having Diorte around would be nice...

  2. Create-a-Monster!

    I call it a Screwball. It's a fireball, basically, except ANGRIER.
  3. Hello,

    Huh, we must have stolen all your rain up here, got a deluge a little while back.
  4. Life is crazy sometimes

    What was it you did in the Air Force, again?
  5. Hello,

    So...fires are just because of heat and dry weather?
  6. Hello,

    Hey, is it, like, smoke coming from the ground? Because there's a town in Pennsylvania with a massive underground fire going on due to neglectful stuffing of garbage into a coal mine. Which the local firemen set on fire to get rid of. They didn't put it out. As a result, it's pretty much inhospitable there now. So, I'd say that this could be a very bad sign.
  7. Hello,

    Let's hope all of that ash and stuff isn't doing some horrible **** to your lungs, man. Cause, you know, stuff like that tends to really eff up your respiratory system. Also, that's where the phrase "fighting fire with fire" came from. You know, because they'll burn up all the fuel so that a fire can't continue. But you probably knew that.
  8. Concept Art

    Heh, Lect, you missed out on the awesome joke I did involving spam in this topic. Hilarious.
  9. Puzzles

    So... Sudoku Puzzle.
  10. Hello,

    Yikes is right. Ditto that. I seriously feel like New England is the most temperate place on Earth sometimes. It probably is. Also, sunglasses must be awesome in Caracas if you can look directly at the sun without consequence.
  11. Metroid: Other M

    Yeah, using it can allow you to move around during the cutscene in the middle of the Mother Brain battle where the baby metroid is on your head.
  12. Metroid: Other M

    No, the Varia Suit alone is fine, it's if she ISN'T wearing the Varia Suit that would be shenanigans. (She coulda turned off the Gravity Suit.) Because, in Super Metroid, if Samus wasn't using the Varia Suit, Mother Brain's lazer would deal twice the damage because it didn't check for anything BUT the Varia Suit.
  13. Metroid: Other M

    Neato. This sounds all crazy and interesting! ...Does the opening...feature the power suit, varia suit, or gravity suit? Cause if it doesn't feature the Varia Suit at all, then I'm gonna have to call SHENANIGANS on it. For reasons we all probably know about, I assume?
  14. Metroid: Other M

    Guys, before we do anything else: Yay! CONVERSATION!
  15. Metroid: Other M

    Wasn't Twilight Princess cel-shaded? I seem to recall something about that.