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In moving to this new (and improved) site, there have obviously been a lot of changes. But of course, since we all spent so much time on the old page, and since Cannon put so much work into it, there were some features from it which we all liked, and which we no longer have. This topic is to list any such things which you think should be added to this site from the old one.


Note that these changes may not be put into effect: this page is for ideas, not for guarantees. Whether the changes are implimented will depend on if other users agree, if Cannon agrees to do it, and if it can even be done. Also note that these changes may take a while: I'm sure Cannon has a lot to work on with this new page, plus his life offline. DO NOT expect these changes to be made immediatley.


With that said, I'd like the overall Metroid theme back. We had Metroid emoticons, post icons, and topic icons (those things that indicated the status of a topic). I'd really like to see that return.

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I agree. Those emoticons were awesome, and the "Add Reply" sort of buttons with the Metroid touch, and the Metroids in the main page and the starry back... it owned.


I'd like to see that come back.

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