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Dark Fusion Labs 2.0

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Welcome to Dark Fusion Laboratories. In this facility we create, test, and anylize creatures from around the galaxy. Please record the status of all creatures and purpose and goal of each experiment.


Dark Fusion Test subjects:



Temp: 98.6 F

Mood: Obnoxius

Aggresiveness: Marvel Comic and Megaman fanboy, isolate from all provoking sourses

Size: 5'5 252lbs Probally small down there...

Age: Most likely under age of 13, estimated at 10

Location: Stoarage container 42

Comments: Dull, stubborn, claims to have a grammar disorder, enjoys suggesting sexual contacts with inaminate objects. Possibly british or austrailian.

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Log 3.141529


Test subject seems to be immune to X flood a sites, as well as dark X flood a sites. Possible sub branch of trolls, must investage at once

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