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guess it's about time I introduced myself

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I was a lurker about a year or so ago, ever since the prank Cannon managed to pull on the entire MP:C Board on GameFAQS/GameSpot :lol:


I'm here now mainly to find out about the many plot holes the Metroid Series has formed over the past decade (MP era), and to see if there isn't a way to look at them that hides or even covers them. I noticed that much of us have favored complicated solutions over the more obvious ones they give us, simply so that we feel validated in arguing over a video game series that we are probably putting more thought towards than the developers themselves.


Now, I may not have any qualifications whatsoever (just graduated from high school, above average of my class, though many of my fellow grads are quite intelligent), but I do believe that there is a simple solution to each plot hole that we are all overlooking.


I may come here once in a while to see if there is anyone left, and to gauge their opinions, but I have other interests, and so am NOT going to be here most days, just like everyone else it seems. For now, I am going to point out a plot hole I noticed while rereading the Metroid Prime manual.

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Welcome; it's nice to have some new blood around this place :) Enjoy your time here. We haven't really discussed Metroid in-depth for a while since there isn't a lot of new info coming out; even with the announcement of Other M, there's only been a small amount of information revealed. But I expect that, as the game approaches release and we get more details, the Metroid discussions will pick up once again.

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