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My first experiences with Metroid – How I got into the series

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For a blog this website has very little in the way of actual opinion so maybe it's about time that changed


I got into Metroid when I was still pretty young. My brother was old enough to get into gaming and so for Christmas and birthdays his interest was in that area. Meanwhile I was very much still into legos, toy tractors, and digging holes in the yard. Quite a while after he had moved on from the Game Boy to the super Nintendo I got my hands on it. One of the only games he had for the system happened to be Return of Samus and so I spent my fair share of time completely lost in its world.


I mean that literally because when I picked the game up it was still too difficult for me to handle.


<a href="http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/MetroidQuarantine/~3/o5PbVGP9_KI/">View the full article.</a>

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