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Skyward Sword

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So... :ph34r:


I finally got around to giving this game a try and I loved it. I think one of the main things I liked about it though was the fact that Zelda wasn't a jackass. I seriously doubted that wii motion plus would be such an improvement, but I have to say I'm glad I was wrong. Being able to swing the sword exactly where I wanted to was freaking sweet.


I also played this one a good deal more carefully than most zelda games because of how fragile the shield was. Most of the fights took a long time because this game made me very defensive since I couldn't rely on my shield nearly as much.



If anyone has been having reservations about this game you should at least rent it and give it a try. I'd pretty much all but given up on the wii. Of course I doubt that it will make me change my mind about the train wreck that is to be the Wii U.



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