Saturine by Philip Wels

This resin mushroom is a craft by Philip Wels painted with Quazar blue glow in the dark paint, which resembles the Saturine mushrooms found in TallonIV Overworld in Metroid Prime

Fusion-Suit Samus

My Fusion-Suit Samus creation was the first one I made. I had planned to make Samus in her Power-Suit, but it didn’t work out due to some lack of orange pieces. I made this creation in Bionicle /Technic LEGO and focused on making it look like a kind of an...

Pixel-Perfect Samus-sprite in Duplo

The last creation was my Samus 8-bit in DUPLO. I made this one along with my “Pixel-Perfect Super Mario Bros. Sprites”. It was very difficult to move this one from one place to another, I had to break it in two parts, the body and the legs, just to move it...

Lego Metroid

It didn’t take a lot of time to make, but I remember that I was pretty happy about it. I made this one out of Bionicle/Technic LEGO.

Meta Ridley

I remember that I used a couple of days to finish this this creation, and it was quite the challenge to find all the grey pieces. I made the wings out of paper. Except for the paper, this creation was only made out of Bionicle/Technic LEGO.