Ridley by Kasper Tromp

The fight against Pirate general Ridley in the lower area of Norfair called ‘Ridley’. You can see the scratches on the wall, which means that it’s his room and that he’s been there for a long time. In 2004 we got to know that it was actually a random room, and that he had just arrived. Samus points her cannon at him, but Ridly doesn’t seem to care. Lava’s jumping up and the platform Samus stands on is unstable and can’t hold her any longer. The way out is guarded by Ridley just like in the 1986 game.


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    [...] and his equpment. I decided to draw the agonizing evolution from Ridley to Meta Ridley. I took the Ridley I had drawn earlier, and put him on the table. I did that because the small winged, purple Ridley from [...]