Weavel by Kasper Tromp

The fight against Pirate general Weavel in Brinstar. I tried to imagine what Weavel would look like, before he became a cyborg. I made a couple of sketches and decided it had to be a Zebesian Pirate instead of an Urtragian: he leads the Zebesian Pirate army and does this on Zebes. I designed a Zebesian with armor around his head, chest, claws and legs. His left claw was destroyed in previous battles, so the Pirates designed a blade for it. So he ended up being the first Pirate to have the Blade-Cannon combination, just like the Urtragians (in the Primes). In my drawing he slashes Samus with his blade, while charging a big shot with his cannon. Samus dodges the blade but doesn’t know that she’s in trouble again.