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The Prime Series Theory

Spoilers for the Prime Subseries follow. Metroid is a series that tends to leave the story and details for personal interpretation, but as we found out with the Prime subseries, sometimes this can get out of hand, creating way...

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The Dragon’s Clone

Despite the vast array of dangerous creatures in the Metroid universe, none can dispute the terrible power of the X parasites. They laid waste to the top-security BSL space station, their home planet SR388, and were it not for...

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The Secret Evolution

The small, fanged, jellyfish-like creature called a metroid is a well known enemy in the game franchise which bears its name. However, what many people do not know is that this small creature is only a baby: metroids evolve....

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The Immortal Space Dragon

Due to the nature of a theory, many will contain spoilers from various games. Read with caution. Any Metroid fan is familiar with the space dragon Ridley: Space Pirate general, killer of Virginia Aran, and the last survivor of...

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Explaining The Ice Beam

This post was a collaborative effort by three people with varying views on how the Ice Beam functions. Akurixs The Ice beam, one of the most iconic weapons in the Metroid series. Either it or a weapon based off of it has...

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