Q. Your reputation as a bounty hunter is vast, as well as your experience with missions. What would you say your most dangerous mission was?

A. Easily Mission X337. Data gathered by another with the same profession as me discovered that the Zebian Space Pirates had three ships escape the destruction of their base on Zebes. I was dispatched to locate the frigate Vol Paragom, and exterminate the crew and specimans, including several Class AAA bioforms, more commonly known as Metroids.

Q. Sounds dangerous, what was your payment for that mission, after the labor scandal of the federation paying their troops less than legal wage, our readers are curious.

A. I received no monetary gain, instead I received a custom built Phrygisian Class gunship that I requested. Surprisingly, it has served me well.

Q. Your ice abilities… how do they work?

A. It is an ability passed down 13 generations of my people on Bes III. Our bodies are constantly absorbing thermal energy because of our lack to generate it ourselves, you see we need to to live. Over the years, our kind learned to control when, and how much energy we absorb from the atmosphere. So all I need to do to say, make my ice path, is to take the thermal energy from the air in front of me, until it is reduced to 1 degree Kelvin, freezing the molecules enough to create a solid path for me. The same is used with my other abilities, it is quite useful in combat, as I can drain the thermal energy from any bioform as well, freezing them instantly.

Q. Fascinating. It is said that you keep trophies of targets you have hunted. What are a few of these?

A. I have countless of them, though my three favorite would be a Kriken exoskeleton I took from the corpse of the hunter Trace, the scythe of one of space pirate high command member I hunted on Vol Paragom, and the fang of a Sheegoth, the very first creature I hunted.

Q. Ok, so only a fe-

A. I apologize, I have just received word to meet up with the Galactic Federation fleet over Norion for a new mission. We shall continue this interview after that mission. For now, good bye.