Metroid LogoRelease Dates:
August 06, 1986 (Japan)
August 15, 1987 (USA)

Famicom Disk
Nintendo Entertainment System
Game Boy Advance
Wii Virtual Console

Nintendo Research and Development 1
Intelligent Systems


Gunpei Yokoi (producer)
Yoshio Sakamoto (director)

Hirokazu Tanaka

After the Federation is created to maintain the galaxy, the Space Pirates interfere and create war with the Federation, seeing them as a threat to their power. The Federation was unsuccessful in many battles with the Pirates. Years later, the Federation discovered the Metroid organism, which would be a threat to the galaxy after close examination. The Pirates heard of this and stole the Metroid in an attempt to make it a biological weapon. They created their base in Planet Zebeth (later known as Zebes), a planet which was extremely difficult to navigate in. The Federation failed in an attempt to raid Zebes so they came up with a new plan. Find the most powerful Space Hunters to infiltrate Zebes, destroy the Metroid, and defeat the mechanical life-form that controlled Zebes, Mother Brain. That Hunter was Samus Aran and this is where the story begins…


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