Metroid Prime 4

Nintendo Announces Metroid Prime 4 is under development for the Nintendo Switch at E3 2017.

Metroid: Samus Returns

A re-imagination of Metroid II: Return of Samus is announced for the 3DS at E3 2017.

Metroid Magazine

Conglometroid takes a look at the inner workings of the metroid universe in this  fan made magazine. All in good fun, we try to apply science and rationality to the game series.

Metroid Gallery

Check out this amazing metroid fanart.

Metroid Network

Check out what metroid fans are up to and promote your project/work.

Metroid Magazine

Conglometroid investigates the inner workings of the metroid universe.

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View/Download official concept artwork and renders for the Metroid game series.

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Latest Articles

Lonely on Zebes

Lonely on Zebes

If you're a fan of Metroid inspired fan fiction then you'll want to check out Lonely on Zebes if you haven't already. The creator who I could only discern through investigation is none other than Capcom of the Metroid Database.

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Featured from the Gallery

Saturine Mushrooms by Philip Wels

This resin mushroom is a craft by Philip Wels painted with Quazar blue glow in the dark paint, which resembles the Saturine mushrooms found in TallonIV Overworld in Metroid Prime

Morphball by Philip Wels

Philip makes an awesome morphball craft inspired by the spider ball. Read our interview with him here.

Fusion Suit by Filip Johannes Felberg

Check our Filip’s figurine made in Bionicle /Technic LEGO of Samus’ Fusion Suit.

The Metroid Series

From 1986 to the present, Metroid has provided a gameplay experience few other video games can match. From veterans to new players alike, the series has something to offer for everyone interested in atmosphere, explorations, and its distinct playstyle.

About the series

Learn more about the video game series and the characters, including how the games relate to one another and where they fit in the series timeline.


Read how it all started and learn more about the series mythos and the elusive Chozo. The manga fleshes out Samus’ backstory before she became the elusive bounty hunter. (via Snoopycool)


Information about the video games released in the series. Official artwork, music, and videos are some of the items available in this section for reference.

Media & Downloads

Official and Unofficial media from the game series.

Metroid Video Archive

Trailers, Cutscenes, and Gameplay.

Metroid Music

Soundtracks from the series.

Metroid Artwork

Renders, Concept Art, and Wallpapers.

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metroid music

Metroid Community

Participate in a metroid and general gaming discussion board. Interact with other metroid fans and discuss the future of the franchise.

The Metroid Blog

Chris shares his opinion on all things metroid related. Covering a wide variety of topics from experiences with games in the series to fan art and other creations.