Nov 23, 2008

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Metroid Cabinet

Metroid Cabinet

It is a fact that Samus’s influence in common life references is growing, and that Metroid-related art and works have expanded and increased in number. Here we see yet another example of this cultural rush that Metroid is going through:

What secrets does this little box hide?

But wait, what is this article about? A red cabinet? What’s so special about that?




Kelli Nelson made this amazing Metroid Cabinet. The bright colors, simple but harmonious, give it a very energetic look. It certainly is a work of art to be taken into consideration.

For instance, the Metroids were delicately carved and shaped to perfection, giving them about an inch of depth.

The cabinet shows Samus in a new and fresh design, exaggerating her famous Varia Suit shoulders and deforming her original look to fit the artists’ perception. And what a perception!

But not only should we look at the quality, which is impeccable, but also the size. Comparing the cabinet to average bananas (um…) as a scale, we can appreciate how big it is, only showing how much work was put into it.

The cabinet is on sale in Kelli Nelson’s site, Be sure to visit and check out some amazing content!

  1. Sour_Shinji says:

    Dude, that is awesome. I want one of those.