Jun 4, 2009

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Metroid: Other M more action focused & Metroid Dread concept not dead

Metroid: Other M more action focused & Metroid Dread concept not dead

IGN sat down with Yoshio Sakamoto in an interview on Nintendo’s new Metroid game, Other  M. In the interview he talks about how the partnership with Team Ninja came about and reveals details about the game’s focus.

They appear to be taking the game in a more action oriented direction in an attempt to bring more fans to the Metroid series.

IGN: Has working with Team Ninja brought about a more action-oriented Metroid with less focus on adventure?

Yoshio Sakamoto: I think Metroid has always been a little bit of action as well as adventure, but because we are teaming up with Team Ninja, I do think that they will bring things to the table that we haven’t been able to do in the past. But again, a huge part of Metroid is the adventure aspect and we do want to stay true to that as well.

I for one am all for more action if and only if this new approach doesn’t alienate the adventure aspects of Metroid in favor of those action sequences. Sakamoto has at least acknowledged the adventure aspect of Metroid so we can only hope for the best. Sakamoto also stated in the interview that he still has the idea about Metroid Dread in his head and that a 2D Metroid could be in the works sometime later in the future.

Check out the rest of the interview for more information about the game.

  1. I was excited to hear Dread’s not dead. I’ve been itching for more information on it since its mention in the E3 2005 documents at GameInformer.

  2. @Stephen
    I was as well. Truth be told I’m hoping the concept is for a 2D game though, don’t get me wrong Metroid Prime shows how great a 3D Metroid can be, but I’d like to go back a little and I’m not yet sure what to make of this 2.5D

    Here’s hoping for the best though.