Jan 5, 2009

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See You Next Mission

See You Next Mission

Tallon IV

Rounding up the year with a quick look back at 2008 fan creations. The Metroid Manga has been fully translated and 2009 should be another great year. Take a small glimpse at what we have in store for 2009.

Short look at 2008

It has been a relatively quiet year for Metroid fans. The excitement over Metroid Prime 3: Corruption seems to have died down and aside from gamecube to wii ports it seems not much is happening in the Metroid universe over at Nintendo.

However we’ve seen for ourselves how active the Metroid community still is. A rather large influx of user created content has been burning up the web this year. Some of the most notable ranging from Metroid cake to Metroid lego models.

Metroid Manga

Metroid Manga Anyone?

Metroid Manga Anyone?

The folks over at snoopy cool have also finished translating the Metroid manga, so if you’re interested head on over there for a read to find out what happened chronologically before the original metroid.

What’s to come


We’ve been working on a project which we’ll be unveiling in a short while. It is still under wraps for now, but maybe you can take a guess at it from the logo. We hope to have a new, much more appealing design up soon. Since this is a metroid blog if you have any metroid news, or content you’ve created that you would like to publish, get noticed, or have featured then feel free to contact us.

See you next mission!

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