Feb 7, 2009

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Official Japanese Metroid site hinting at new metroid game?

Official Japanese Metroid site hinting at new metroid game?

metroid-side-storyI know what you’re thinking, and I doubt it. Now hold on, before you shoot me let me explain why. If you’re still flying under the radar the official japanese Metroid site has this little segment posted below the page. The japanese texts translates to “Follow the history of Metroid Prime from the perspective of the Space Pirates”. Now I’m not saying it couldn’t be a new game. It most certainly well could, but there are a few reasons why I believe it’s nothing more than the fluff Metroid Dread turned out to be. For one there is a considerable lack of interest for Metroid in Japan, and for something like this to be announced in a mere blurp on a Japanese website is not something I would consider a new game. I believe it is more likely that this is going to be some sort of feature for the website, much like the English version of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes website.


Prime's New Controls


On another note along with this is a new section on the site that showcases more videos of Prime being played with Wii controls. There are also a few screens cast about the site you might want to check out. Don’t get your hopes up, because personally I’d love to be proven wrong on this one, even if the result was a Prime spinoff where you control a space pirate.

  1. i noticed that the pirate in the picture is not shaded with phazon like the hyponotized ones in mp3,it probably all goes up to the point of the time right before dark samus floated back in,or earlier

  2. or its about fugitive pirates that escaped dark samus’s grasp and are searching for oe survivors,or like halo 3 recon,timebased too,hope my theroies help

  3. Thanks for the input. I didn’t even notice the lack of blue tinge to it, it very much could be a pirate side quest leading up to mp3. At there very least it would be interesting to see the other side of the story for once.

  4. thanks,it could be a very possible chance of a manga though,i wold apperciate a sub game to the pirates,ive been waiting for that for years.

  5. but it would be boring for the company to manga for a great chance of a game

  6. they indeed are making a new game,it was announced this morning(check date),named "metroid:other m",ninja team and nintendo,teamed up to make it,metroid mangas would help here as it connects deeply to the storyline,especially since it takes place during her time n the military,if you know who adam yankovich is,youve reading the mangas,as he supposedly died,but seems to survived

  7. urr,thats incorrect.

  8. Yea, the game (Other M) takes place before Adam died.