Aug 17, 2009

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Metroid Quarantine turns two and becomes Conglometroid

Metroid Quarantine turns two and becomes Conglometroid

On August 12th MQ turned two years old, though the blog has only been on the web since Early last year, and only postings . In light of this anniversary we brought a few new surprises.

MQ in being re-branded into Conglometroid and is merging with Magatroid. We’re also working on setting up a Metroid Video Archive which will host clips, gameplay, and FMV sequences from all of the games in the series. We hope this will help bring about more fan created content as a result of easier access to the cut scenes in the Prime sub series.

On top of this we have established general pages for each game in the series and are working on compiling screen shots as well as reviews and other game data as well. Media intensive walkthroughs are also in the works but will be taking a backseat until the Metroid video archive is more or less completed due to obvious reasons.

We’re also setting up a gallery sub-site which will make viewing fan art much more pleasing. Stay tuned the next few weeks as we’ll be bringing you new articles for magatroid as well as new fan art.

  1. congrats,i talk to much