Metroid Fusion

Release Dates:
Febuary 14, 2003 (Japan)
November 17, 2002 (USA)
November 22, 2002 (EU)

Game Boy Advanced

Nintendo R&D1
Intelligent Systems


With the Metroids of SR388 now gone a new threat emerges from the planet known as the X. No longer kept in check by the Metroid’s predatorial activities the X-Parasites have run amuck on the planet and pose a serious risk to the galaxy. On a trip to the planet Samus is infected by the X but survives thanks to a Metroid Vaccine, infusing her DNA with that of the Metroids allowing her to absorb the X much like the Metroids. Metroid fusion begins with on at the Biological Space Laboratory above the planet SR388.


US Boxart Japanese Boxart


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