Originally Posted on August 16th 2009 by Chris

Let me take the moment to introduce you to a project I’m very excited about. The Metroid network aims to reach out to the Metroid community and stand as a resource for and lightbringer to many projects. The Metroid fanbase is very talented and we want to bring that to light. We’ve worked very hard to create an environment we feel is welcoming to the fanbase in general in an effort to bring them together so we can experiece one another’s work.

If you have something you want to showcase to the Metroid community be it art, fan games, crafts, an article or theory, or even a shout out that’s what we’re here to do.

If you found something on the web related to Metroid that you find interesting and that we don’t know about let us know. We’ve setup a Metroid link section where you can help spread the word. If you’re the creator then contact us and we’ll talk about featuring it on the site to help spread the word.

We’ll be making quite a few updates within the week or so, including some new fan art, magazine theories and integration, adding the Gallery section as well as fixing up Somber Discoveries and the Metroid Video Archive. Be sure to stay tuned for updates.

– Chris